Top adverts

What is a TOP Advert?

A TOP Advert is an addition to you current Advert, with premium positioning and visibility. It is displayed on the most important pages on the website (homepage and location pages).
A TOP Advert is in single format, and a Double TOP Advert, is double the size of a regular TOP Advert.

How do I upload a TOP Advert or a Double TOP Advert?

Go to “Manage advert” on your chosen profile in the dashboard, then proceed to “Upgrades”. Click on “Be on TOP”, and choose TOP Advert or Double TOP Advert at the top of the form. At that stage, we can help you to create your TOP Advert, or you can make it yourself and upload it with the TOP Advert generator.

Can you design a TOP Advert or a Double TOP Advert for me?

Yes, of course! Go to “Manage advert” on your chosen profile in the dashboard, then proceed to “Upgrades”. Click on “Be on TOP”, choose between a TOP Advert and a Double TOP Advert, and complete the steps. Once in here you will be able choose to upload a new TOP Advert, select a previously used one or request a new build.

What are the dimensions of a TOP Advert and Double TOP Advert?

When designing TOP Adverts, we use the following 2 sizes:

  • 131 x 230 pixels (Single TOP Advert)
  • 282 x 230 pixels (Double TOP Advert)

If you make your own TOP Advert they must meet these dimension and be a high quality png file.

Escort safety

What is the UGLY MUGS system?

Ugly Mugs is a scheme that aims to improve the safety of sex workers and reduce crimes committed against them, by bringing sex workers together to share information about potential bad clients.


How do I upload an image?

From your dashboard, select the "manage advert" option of the advertisement you wish to add an image to. Select "media" and then the "add photos/videos" option.

How many images can I have?

Standard advertisements 6 images and 1 thumbnail image. You can have unlimited images inside your account, but only these quantities are active at any time.

Can I upload explicit images?

No, we do not allow explicit images to be uploaded. In some cases we may cover the explicit aspects of the image. Please see our advertising terms and conditions.

What is a thumbnail?

A thumbnail image is the small image that appears in the general listings,it is also the first image a customer will see. All other images are inside your profile and not viewable at first glance. The thumbnail image will appear in searches, on the front page and in location pages. This is a very important image, a bad thumbnail image won't receive as many clicks as a good one.

My images have been removed, why?

There are several reasons your images may have been removed, anything from being too explicit, to being reported as fakes. For further information you can contact the customer services team.

Photo verification

What is a photo verification image?

The image should be a non-professional image of yourself holding a piece of paper with the handwritten words "Escort-Advertising" and todays date. We will then compare this image to the images that appear in your advertisement.

Making payments

How much do I need to pay?

Rates will vary depending on how long you are advertising for, take a look at our ratecard to see the options.

How do I pay?

The first step in making a payment is to login to your account. To do this, enter your username and password into the fields at the top of the page and press "go". Once you are successfully logged in, you will be presented with your dashboard page; press the make "payment" button and select the number of credits that you would like to purchase.

Please be aware that advertisers cannot log into the Tor browser. This also means that you are unable to use features that require a log in, this is limited but not exclusive to payments and the forums.

What are credits?

Credits is the pricing method that we use on our website. Due to the fact that we operate in multiple countries with multiple currencies, it makes life much easier to price all of our products using a single unit. A credit can be purchased in Euros, British Pounds, Swedish Krona and Norwegian Krona.

How much is a credit?

The cost of a credit is variable depending upon which currency you would like to purchase the credits in. A credit can be purchased in Euros, British Pounds, Swedish Krona and Norwegian Krona. Please use the credit converter on our rate page to make an accurate calculation.

What card payment methods are allowed?

We accept credit/debit cards on the Visa and Mastercard brands and Paysafe vouchers.

What is paysafe?

Paysafe is a voucher system which can be purchased in around 500,000 outlets around the world. You purchase it much in the same way as mobile phone credit by exchanging cash/paying by credit card for a voucher which has a number printed on it. Please note that paying by paysafe incurs a handling fee.

Can I pay using a credit or debit card?

Yes, we currently accept Visa and Mastercard.

I want to pay with my personal credit/debit card and have it verified, how do I do this?

To pay with your own personal card (a non pre-paid card) we will require you to provide us with additional verification information such as your photographic ID matching the name of the cardholder.

Can you take my payment over the phone?

Yes, but only using credit/debit cards that you have previously used on the site and selected the "store this card" option. We can also process requests on your behalf if you have a positive credit balance.

What is IGIC?

IGIC is similar to VAT. Our business has its fiscal residence in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands and we are obliged to charge IGIC to any resident of the Canary Islands to whom we provide services.

What is VAT registered?

VAT is a tax levied in the EU, businesses that reach a certain turnover (levels are different for each country) are required to register for VAT and will be allocated a unique VAT number. If you are VAT registered we require this number to be placed on your invoice.

What is the FPP (Foreign payment policy)

Our fraud scoring system identifies payments which have been made from a different location to the advertisement (ie a payment made from America for an advert which is active in Ireland), if we believe that a 3rd party has made a payment for your advertisement then it will be suspended immediately.

Why do I need to enter billing details?

It is a legal requirement for us to provide you with an invoice/receipt for the payments that you make to us. You will also be able to use the invoice to reclaim this payment as an expense for your business when completing your tax returns. This may be different to your cardholder address.

Where can I download my invoices?

On your dashboard. Select the "payments" option and you can see a full payment history and download all of your invoices in pdf format.

You have restrictions on certain types of debit/credit card usage, what are these?

Our credit/debit card payment system is restricted to only allow payments from certain cards. This is currently limited to pre-paid debit cards and cards which have passed our pre-verification process. The list of pre-paid debit cards (the first 6 digits of the card) that we accept is:

411636, 475743, 475757, 476642, 511844, 517147, 518126, 519525, 529565, 530831, 532916, 533858, 533865, 533869, 533980, 538424, 538600, 538641, 538668, 538674, 538675, 538676, 538677, 538685, 540450, 548281, 557975, 459470, 402360, 529021, 538678, 545258

If you wish to use a different card and have your card verified, please contact our customer services team who will be happy to help.

What is Bitcoin?

It is the first peer-to-peer payment network, powered by its users with no middlemen involved. In simple terms, it can be pretty much seen as cash for the internet, digital money.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

For users, Bitcoin is nothing more than a mobile app or computer programme that gives you a personal Bitcoin wallet. This will allow you to send and receive Bitcoins.

How Do You Make a Bitcoin Payment?

Payments are made from a wallet application. You enter the recipient's address, the amount, and press send. Many wallets can obtain the recipient's address by scanning a QR code or touching two phones together with NFC technology.

Why is There a Delay on Bitcoin Payments?

Bitcoin takes time to process through the Bitcoin network. Confirmations are made of each payment through a number of network nodes and only when the desired number of confirmations is reached will the payment progress. Each confirmation takes between a few seconds and 90 minutes, though the average time is about 10 minutes. If the transaction fee is too low, it can take longer. If you try and send it for free, it can take days or weeks so that is a matter of personal choice.

Therefore, we recommend all Bitcoin payments are made in advance of a tour to account for confirmation times.

Do Escort Ireland Charge a Fee For Using Bitcoin?

Escort Ireland charges a small handling fee.

How Does a Bitcoin Refund Work?

You will receive the same amount of Bitcoin revenue that you originally sent. We do not account for any currency fluctuations between the initial payment and the time of refund.

My account

I have lost access to my account, what do I do now?

You can recover your password using the "recover" option in the top left of the screen where you would normally log in. Just input your email address or username and your password will be sent to your email address.

My advert

How do I create an advertisement?

The first step is to create an account on the site, to do this press the "register" link at the top of the website. You will need to select the "providing a service" option, you will need your email address and telephone number. The 2nd step is verify your email and telephone number by clicking a link that will be emailed to the address you entered on registration and also to enter a pin code that will be sent to your telephone by sms. The 2nd step is verify your email and telephone number by clicking a link that will be emailed to the address you entered on registration and also to enter a pin code that will be sent to your telephone by sms.

Once you have successfully registered, you will be able to login to your dashboard, from here you can click the "create new advert" option and complete the signup process. The last stage of the registration process is to make a payment. If this is your first advertisement, it will be subject to manual verification by our customer support team, you should expect a call from us within 4 hours (during our openings hours) or you can give us a call to speed up the process. Once all of the verifications have been completed, your advertisement will go online on the dates you specified.

How do I set up a tour?

From the dashboard, select the "adverts" option and then "new tour". Complete the options and complete your payment.

How do I extend my tour?

From your dashboard, select the "adverts" option following by select the "extend" option from any active advertisement and complete the options.

What is a reactivation?

A reactivation "cycles" your profile, a positive effect of this process will put your advertisement to the top of the "latest escorts" list on the homepage and location pages which gives maximum exposure.

How do I use a reactivation?

You must have an active advert to use a reactivation. In your dashboard there is a reactivation counter in the top menu. You will be able to select which advertisement you would like to activate and when you would like for it to take place.

How long will my advertisement last?

Adverts can be purchased in set packages between 1-30 days, depending upon which country you are advertising in.

How many advertisements can I create?

You can create one advert in each category (escort,massage,domination). ie. a female advertiser can have one personal escort profile, one personal massage profile and one domination personal profile. The same advertiser can also have an unlimited amount of duo advertisements.

What is the coming soon section?

This section is a listing of advertisements that will be "coming soon" to a specific location. We classify soon as being within the next 3 days.

Can I extend my advertisement?

Yes, as long as your advertisement is currently active you may extend by between 1-30 days (depending upon which country you are advertising in). To do this login to your account and go to "adverts" on your dashboard. Press the "extend" button beside the advert you wish to extend and complete the details.

Can I remove my telephone number temporarily?

Yes, you can do this from your dashboard. Select the "manage advert" option of the advertisement that you wish to hide your contact details from and then "contact information" and finally "show contact details".

How do I add myself on break for a day?

You can do this from your dashboard. Select the "manage advert" option of the advertisement that you wish to put on break. Select "tours" and then "edit schedule, rates and location" option. You will see a list of stages for that particular tour, click the "cancel this stage" button and your advertisement will be placed on a break for that period.

Will my contact details be shown when I'm on a break?

It is your choice, from the dashboard, select "manage advert" followed by "contact information" and then choose the option from the "in-between stages" part of the form.

If I suspend my advert mid tour can I use the days elsewhere?

No, we do not allow adverts to be placed on hold or paused. We recommend using the "break" option in the edit tour rather than cancelling the advertisement and losing any remaining days.

I need to remove my advert from the website, can I do this?

Yes, you can do this from your dashboard. Select the "manage advert" option of the advertisement that you wish to take offline and then choose "settings" from the left menu and finally the "advanced" option. Please note that you will lose any remaining days from the advertisement and no credits or refunds will be applied.

Can I view and edit my advertisement using Tor?

No, all advertisers accounts are restricted from logging in via the Tor browser. In order to view and manage your account, you must access through another browser.


A review left for me has disappeared, why?

There are several reasons why a review could have been removed. For more information you should contact a community moderator for further information.

Verifying details

Why do I have to verify my email?

Due to the type of content on our website, it is our responsibility to ensure that only the intended recipient of our emails receives them. It would be irresponsible for us not to check email addresses are valid and unknowingly send adult content to minors.

What is a verified nationality?

If a Nationality is verified, we can confirm that we have seen an official document from the advertiser confirming the country of their birth or residence. You can verify these separately.

What is a verified age?

If an age is verified, we can confirm that we have seen an official document from the advertiser confirming their date of birth. You can verify these separately.

What is the 'Verified Member' feature?

After you have verified your age and nationality, you will need to have an advert that has been active for over 12 months to qualify for the 'Verified Member' feature.

You will receive a prominent 'Verified member' badge on your advert that will be seen by all visitors to your advertisement.


I am a photographer, how can I get listed?

We are currently working on automated registration option, meanwhile please contact our sales team who will be happy to help.

Available now

What is the Available Now feature?

The Available Now feature is designed for advertisers to inform punters they are available for immediate booking. The feature is activated by the advertiser and has a maximum duration of 60 minutes per activation.

Why is there a time indicated?

The indicated time is the time the escort mentioned is available.

Does it mean the other escorts listed are not available?

No, all escorts on our website are considered available to meet for a booking. Working hours are mentioned in each profile’s diary.

How do I use the Available Now Feature?

First, you will need to buy Available Now Slots. An Available Now Slot is the period your advert will appear as Available Now. Every Slot is 60 minutes. Those Slots can be used now, scheduled, or saved for later.

Please log in to your dashboard. Go to "Manage advert" on your active profile, then proceed to "Upgrades".  Click on "Available Now" and complete the steps to schedule the feature.

See your Available Now history and turn the feature OFF and ON in the Available Now Feature page, which you can access in the upper right corner of your dashboard.

Message boards

Publishing contact details:

If you are not advertising with Escort Advertising at the moment, please do not use the visitor message board and/or your signature to advertise or promote your service. It is an extra privilege for our advertisers only. Any contact, advert and tour details published without the authorisation will be removed.

Why only our advertisers can publish their phone numbers on the forums?

For legal reasons, phone numbers cannot be posted as part of advertisements or anywhere else on these message boards, unless the phone number is a verified number of our advertiser or you have special permission to post the phone number from a moderator.

The reason we allow escort advertiser phone numbers alone to be posted here still is that we know all those phone numbers are genuinely the phone numbers of persons offering escort services, due to checks we make when we take advertisers on.

It is also a extra privilege for our advertisers.

Double ad feature

What is the Double Ad Feature?

The Double Ad Feature increases your visibility and doubles the size of your current thumbnail, for a period of 24h. The Double Ad Feature is a boost, and can only be added to an active advert

How long does the feature last?

The Double Ad Feature lasts 24h, starting from the time it is scheduled.

Where does the Double Ad Feature appear?

Your thumbnail will be bigger on all the pages you currently appear on (front page, location pages, search pages, etc). The feature does not change the placement of your current thumbnail.

How do I create a Double Ad?
To create a Double Ad, please log in to your dashboard. Go to "Manage advert" on your active profile, then proceed to "Upgrades".  Click on "Double Ad" and complete the steps to schedule the feature. We recommend you upload or choose a picture in landscape format to optimise the Double Ad Feature.

If this FAQ is not helpful, feel free to ask us a question directly