What are escort reviews?

The escort reviews system allows you, as a client that has visited an escort, to leave feedback on the service you have received. This has two advantages; firstly, this can help other clients make the decision to visit a particular escort based on previous client experiences, and secondly, this can help the escort, as this will help promote her profile and give her some feedback in order to help further improve her services and experiences.

In order to keep things fair, we only allow reviewers (clients) to review escorts from one account.

I am an escort. What if I don't want to accept reviews or let clients go into graphic details of the appointment?

It is perfectly understandable that some people don't like to kiss and tell. Privacy and discretion is paramount for some people, so we have a couple of options available for escorts that have concerns regarding this. Our escort advertisers may 'opt out' of the system so that clients will no longer be able to review your profile. If you have reviews but no longer want them on show, by selecting the 'opt out' option, this will hide your reviews from the public.

If you still want to accept reviews but not have the 'gory details' within the content, you can select the option to not receive explicit reviews, and our moderators will personally see to it that your reviews will spare the details!

Why can see the rates in some escort reviews but not others?

Again, for escort discretion, escorts may opt out of displaying the rates that have charged previous clients. If you wish to know the current rates for an appointment with an escort, please refer to her escort profile.

I am a client and I want to have all my reviews removed. How do I do this?

Please consider that generally, we do not find it in the best interest of the escorts to delete reviews on a whim. Escorts feel that they have to work hard to earn their reviews and it is considered a disservice to remove this feedback from them. Also consider that once a review is submitted it will be in the public domain and available for everyone to view, so ensure that before you review you have a suitable username that is discrete. If you have any major concerns, please contact us to discuss the situation.

I want to respond to a review that has been posted on the site.

As an escort advertiser, you have the right to reply to any one of your reviews. You will need a message boards account on the forums that is linked to your escort profile to be able to do this. Once this is sorted, you select the review you wish to reply to, click on the link to 'add a comment to this review' and leave your feedback.

Clients are unable to leave further comments on their reviews. We believe that clients are entitled to leave their comments in their actual review and escorts are entitled to their right of reply, so each person has their say without a review turning into a conversation or big debate!

How truthful are the reviews on this site?

We believe that our reviews system is second to none, however it is not flawless, so we do advise you not to assume that every review is completely honest. Also bear in mind that sometimes clients and escorts do perceive events to be quite different.

My review has a 'rat' on it. What does that mean?

As mentioned above, not every review is completely true. There are also circumstances when we believe that a review is submitted by the escort themselves (or by a friend). Sometimes multiple reviews may be submitted for an escort by the same client, using multiple accounts. If we do believe that this is the case, we will put a 'rat' icon on the review to inform other clients that there is some suspicious activity on the review.

What happens if I do write a fake review for an escort?

We do try to discourage any abuse towards the reviews system. If we do believe that a client or escort it submitting fake reviews, we would disqualify the escort from our Escort of the Month Competition, the review would be ratted and then we would ban the account of which the fake review was submitted from.

What happens if I submit a second review for an escort I have already reviewed?

On many occasions, clients are so happy with the services of an escort that they wish to visit them again and again! It is always great when this happens, and quite often clients wish to leave another review. Clients may leave a another review, but rather than this just being added, the more recent review will replace the previous review. This is to balance the reviews system; if an escort has a regular client that visits them very often, this would put escorts that perhaps see some clients once in a while at a disadvantage.

Reviews cannot be written in a 'diary format'; i.e. we wouldn't allow the previous reviews to be added in the more recent review, as this will be just be overkill in terms of informing other clients of what to expect!

Why has my review been rejected or edited?

There can be several reasons as to why reviews are rejected or edited. Here are the most common reasons:
(a) We believe the review to be malicious or untrue
(b) The review may be poorly written, illegible or completely typed in CAPS
(c) The review needs to be submitted within 28 days of the appointment. Any reviews submitted outside of that time-frame will be rejected
(d) The review time or date is invalid (perhaps set in the future, or submitted for a booking when the escort was not advertising). If the clients enters that they are unsure of the exact time or date, this would also invalidate the review
(e) Although this is the adult industry, we kindly request that reviews do not contain swearing, insults, abuse or degrading language. Reviews should be tactful, regardless of the outcome of the appointment
(f) We kindly request that clients do not give out any personal details of an escort, especially information about their personal life that they may have shared with you
(g) Sometimes clients may miss or forget that some escorts have requested not to have sexually explicit details included in their review. We will edit this content if this is the case. If we have to heavily delete a review for whatever reason, you may have to resubmit a more appropriate version
(h) For escort discretion, we do remove comments regarding 'not a clock-watcher' or 'went well over my time'. If you are privileged enough to be given some extra time and companionship and this is mentioned in a review, other clients may feel that they are entitled to this also
(i) If the review has been copied from another review, this will be deleted and the reviewing account may be banned for submitting a fake review
(j) The review must reflect the service type of the escort; for example, a dominatrix experience must be reviewed on a dominatrix profile, a duo service on a duo profile (for the profile with the correct escorts), a massage only experience on a massage profile, etc. In the case of a duo experience, it is not possible to review escorts on their separate escort profiles; the escorts must have a duo profile to accept these reviews
(k) In the event that a client turns up for a booking and accepts a booking from a different escort (i.e. not the escort from the profile), then the right to review has been forfeited. There is an option to review an escort under the category, 'met escort, but left without receiving services', should the booking be declined on this basis. Remember; if you have been fooled this far, don't expect the escort to provide the full list of services on the profile either!
(l) If a client believes that an escort may be working for an agency or a pimp, is working against their will, working under the age of 18 years old or is a victim of human trafficking, reviewing them would be very counter-productive as this will inform any third parties involved in this illegal activity. Similarly, if a client believes that the premises is a brothel, it is illegal to knowingly continue with the booking and the client should leave immediately.

Rather than publish the review, we urge clients to report these incidences to the authorities, anonymously if need be, so that they will receive the right kind of help from people trained to deal with this. Please visit the following link for more information:

(m) We do reserve the right to edit or reject any review for any other reason not stated above. If you believe that your review has been removed without good reason, you may contact one of the moderators who will be able to give you further details

(n) As of the 1st January 2016 we allow multiple reviews. If you are a regular client of an advertiser feel free to leave one review every 7 days. This is provided 2 bookings took place, with a minimum 7 days gap. You will not be able to review the same encounter multiple times. Reviews not meeting this criteria will be deleted.

Escort of the month

What is the Escort of the Month competition?

Only reviews received from active members of the community (based on items such as reviews, forum posts, blog comments, confessions etc) will count towards the scoring system.

Points are awarded in the following circumstances:

Overall Experience:

Rating Score
1 star 0 review points
2 star 0 review points
3 star 1 review point
4 star 1.5 review points
5 star 2 review points

Would Repeat:
Yes = 1 review point
No = 0 review points

Would Recommend:
Yes = 1 review point
No = 0 review points

Please be aware that reviews submitting from the Tor browser, will not be counted towards the Escort of the Month competition. This is to the ensure the validity of each reviewer and to avoid any users abusing the system.

If more than one escort is tied on review points then the following criteria are used to eliminate escorts from the scoring until a final winner is selected.

1, Using the overall rating of a review, count the number of 5 star reviews, 4 star review, 3 star reviews and so on; if it is still tied;

2, We select the escort with the most recent positive review prior to the deadline of that months competition date.

We reserve the right to change these rules at anytime.

Escort of the Month rules

Each month we will host the Escort of the Month Competition, a competition whereby each review an escort receives for the month will have a points value, and the escort with the highest points value at the end of the month will be declared the winner!

The winner of the Escort of the Month (EOTM) Competition will receive up to one month of free advertising (terms and conditions apply) and will receive extra exposure on the forums.

As with all competitions, there are rules to ensure that everything is fair:

  • For each review submitted, a star ratings given for each area of the review will have a points value. The higher the outcome for each area selected, the more points that review will be worth. The escort with the highest points value by the end of the month will be declared the winner.
  • The month that the escort is announced the winner will be the winner based on the points totalled from the previous month; i.e. 'Miss September' is calculated from the reviews submitted in August, and so on. Reviews will only count when a) the reviewer has held a message boards account for six months and b) their reviews will only be counted from their tenth review.
  • If a client resubmits a review for an escort that they have already visited, only their first review will have a points value.
  • If we believe that a review is fake, we may disqualify an escort from the competition for the month. If there are more serious cases of cheating, we may disqualify escorts from all future competitions.
  • Escorts cannot win the competition two consecutive months. In the event of an escort receiving the highest points a second month in a row, the person in second place will take the winning spot.
  • Reviews that are submitted from a masked (proxified) or hidden/non-UK IP address will be deleted.
  • Once the winner has been announced for a particular month, any review points that are received for that month thereafter will not be counted or carried over into the next month.

Please be aware that reviews submitting from the Tor browser, will not be counted towards the Escort of the Month competition. This is to the ensure the validity of each reviewer and to avoid any users abusing the system.

If this FAQ is not helpful, feel free to ask us a question directly