Legal Information

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The law for escorting can be complex and anyone entering in to the industry should consider taking legal advice to ensure they stay on the correct side of the law. Although certain aspects of the industry are legal there are many areas of legislation that are designed to protect sex workers from exploitation and harm.

As of January 2015 loitering or soliciting for prostitution, trafficking for sexual exploitation, causing, inciting and controlling prostitution for gain, brothel keeping, paying for sexual services from those subjected to force are all clearly defined as criminal offences, there are also many other laws in force.

The advertising of services in phone boxes is also illegal, and print adverts also are strictly regulated. This is why online advertising has become so popular.


There are many sex worker charities who can provide advice, these can be found online.

From a purely legal perspective the best place to look for guidance is usually via the Crown Prosecution Service who have legal guides aimed at the actual prosecutors themselves. These are highly detailed and are always kept up to date.

The can be found on the CPS website:


Although this is a legal section there are some other aspects of the industry you should never turn your back on. If you believe a crime has taken place you should always report it, the responsibility lies with us all.