Welsh Advertising Law

Attention! We are not legally trained. The information on this site should not be construed as legal advice.

If you are interested in escorting in Wales you may find this information on the law in relation to Welsh escort advertising useful.

Prostitution is not illegal in Wales and nor is the advertising of prostitution.

In Wales you may find escort adverts in some of the following places:

  • Newspapers, generally local newspapers
  • Magazines, especially city guide magazines or "Lads Mags" like FHM and Maxim
  • Classified publications like The Loot
  • Escort and Contact Magazines, sold in sex shops and some newsagents or newsstands
  • Newsagent Windows, some newsagents that take window ads allow escort adverts
  • Business Directories, like the Yellow Pages or Thompson Local
  • Websites like www.escort-wales.com

Advertising in print media is generally very expensive. Also most major publications follow strict guidelines from the Advertising Standards Authority and, between those and the cost of advertising space, you'll be lucky to get much more than your name and phone number in! It is also not very effective. Most escorts who try print advertising find you just don't get enough bang for your buck!

Local newsagents may let you advertise in their window for a fee, but, even if they do, this form of advertising has never been a great means of attracting high calibre clients.

The Internet is the perfect place for escorts to advertise. It is much better value for money than print advertising ever was, plus you are able to provide detailed information about yourself. Advertising on the Internet you get far less "timewasters" calling to ask various questions, as all your important information is there for clients to see, and you generally attract a good standard of client.

Unfortunately not all escort websites are good escort websites though, so choose where you advertise online carefully, preferably getting recommendations from friends. Also check you are dealing with a proper company. Escort Wales is a registered UK business adhering to all UK laws and paying all its taxes in the UK. When you deal with Escort Wales, you have the reassurance that you are dealing with a reputable UK business.