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At some point in your life you will have found yourself having a fantasy about a sexy mature woman. Perhaps it was a teacher at school or a gorgeous celebrity on a TV show? Whatever the circumstances, mature women have a certain appeal that makes them very desirable and it is a reason that female mature escorts are so sought-after.

You can find on this webpage 20 Mature Escorts sorted by cities.

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1 Mature Escort in Caerphilly

1 Mature Escort in Neath Port Talbot

1 Mature Escort in Vale of Glamorgan

1 Mature Escort in Denbighshire

Meeting Mature Escorts

With a mature escort it feels almost forbidden - they are older than you, and yet you long to spend more time with them. You want to get to know them better and learn more about them, which is why arranging a date with a sexy mature woman is the perfect way to experience that fantasy.

One of the greatest advantages of dating a mature female escort ahead of a younger girl is that they have a real understand of their bodies and just what to wear to make your pulse race. With age comes wisdom and they know what sexy dresses best flatter their curves. These mature girls are experts in conversation, able to talk about a range of topics with ease and can keep you entertained all night.

Your Date With a Mature Escort

Mature women make the perfect companions in a huge range of situations because of their age. They have a great deal of wisdom and have learned a lot over the years, meaning you can have a perfect date with a mature escort. They can help you impress at a work party or make a dinner date following a night at the theatre more entertaining for you. This is something they have over younger girls.

Whatever you desire in a companion, you will find that the perfect date with a mature escort is all you need. Take a look at the pages of female mature escorts and give them a call. You may just find the right woman for you.


Escort Wales have an active community made up of both escorts and clients. This is what the community have been saying about Mature Escorts...

Tomhardon Jul 23, 2014
I like a young 18 year old but I think the youngest I would go for is maybe 20-21
Some young girls are not as mature as I like them, the reason I like them a little older.
The oldest I would go for would be around 45. View discussion
swanseasean Feb 11, 2014
this is fkin hot!

View discussion
lara Jan 30, 2014
I have to say, I agree that "with age comes wisdom". I look back at how I was when I was younger and knew everything and I want to slap young-Lara for being so daft :D I thought I knew everything but looking back I know I knew nothing

I have dated younger guys (only a year or so younger than me) and I've dated older guys (ten years older) and for me, the happy-medium is a bit older. Women are (apparently) more mentally mature than men and so... View discussion
Gent_1 Jan 21, 2014
I live in Newport but can easily travel as I often have to for work.

I'm looking for a mature lady to enjoy an hour long appointment with. Does anyone have any recommendations? View discussion
Nicole Oct 2, 2013
Buzzfeed recently compiled the most searched terms on adult websites and made a little movie of them.

Words on their own are often such strange things to think about.

Words in a sexy context often even more so, especially when you factor in the web.

Picture it: Someone’s motor is getting started, the great horns are upon them. Do they fall to the ground in a hot quick session of self-love on the floor of their local Laundromat?... View discussion
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