Woman Smuggles Drugs In Fake Breasts!

We all know large breasts are a truly wonderful thing. I have to admit, when I am visiting a Cardiff escort, I always look for the ones who have had a boob job. I know full well that certain escorts have breast enhancement to increase the amount of clients they have. However, I have never heard of anyone having a boob job so they can smuggle drugs.

A 43 year old woman was arrested at Madrid airport after police say nearly four pounds of cocaine were in found in her breasts.

‘Looking Nervous’

The lady, who was travelling from Venezuela came to the attention of narcotics agents after she began looking nervous.

After a body search uncovered “certain irregularities and deformations in both breasts,” the lady apparently admitted to smuggling the drugs.

Woman unclipping black bra from the front!

The implants, which wound up containing 1.7 kilos (about 3.7 pounds ) of coke were removed at a hospital.

Unsurprisingly she is still being held and will be facing charges for an alleged crime against public health.

Novel Idea

Though I detest the importation of drugs, you have to give them credit for thinking this one up as an idea. How would you ever be able to check for drugs in there?

Obviously the problem comes when you have your drug mule crapping themselves in the airport. Hopefully they find the mastermind behind this and they can be brought to justice as well.

There should be one use for enhanced breasts, and that should be as part of a lovely young lady and being used for better things than drug smuggling!

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Lara Mills

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