Why Do Men Really See TS Escorts?

The amount of transsexual and transvestite escorts that you will in the sex industry are on the rise, because so many love spending time with them, learning more about them, and fucking them. They are incredibly sexy and honestly, we can’t get enough of them.

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However, whenever the subject of TS and TV escorts comes up, people begin to question those who see them. They suspect that those who see them are just sexual deviants who don’t know what they want, or that they are actually gay and attempting to suppress their sexuality, instead of exploring it.

Here on Escort Wales we have decided to figure out what really draws men to make an appointment with TS escorts, and if it is as everyone else suspects it is.

Views on transsexuals

Despite all of the things in the news lately to educate people on TS, TV, and TG matters, there are still a lot out there who don’t feel comfortable about transsexual and transgendered people. For some reason, they don’t view them as real people, they view them as perverts and that they aren’t worthy of our respect. It’s a ridiculous notion, but it is also one that many cling to.

One transsexual escort summarises the issue by explaining just why TS escorts aren’t seen as real women. “The ideal pattern for a woman is to meet, date, marry and mother. Thus, by living a life of debauchery, society has a negative view on transsexuals.”

She believes that she has been “labelled as a pervert”, despite the fact that there are “conservative members of society” who “have been revealed as high-profile paedophiles”, simply because a TS woman does not perform the ideal pattern that women tend to.

The TS escort states that “maybe to change the way we are perceived, we need to change the way we live”, but this is not an acceptable thing to do. She goes on to say that she sees herself “as a businesswoman benefitting from giving men what their spouses can’t (or won’t)” and that “it’s no myth that the greatest way to blow your guys mind is through his prostate”, believing that this is also one of the reasons that TS escorts are looked down on – because, like other escorts, they do something that many people can’t or won’t do in bed.

Men must be gay to see TS escorts

This outspoken TS escort also points out one of the biggest theories that people have about those clients who see TS escorts. She points out that “there’s a gross misconception that if a man likes to have his bum touched, that he must be gay”.

This includes those who enjoy using things like anal toys during sex, and those who don’t mind experimenting with the ass in the bedroom. They enjoy the feeling of being filled as much as we do, which is why they are happy to try new things and experiment in the bedroom. They are a lot more open-minded about their wants and needs, especially in bed.

The problem with the idea of anyone who likes their ass being touched being gay is a ridiculous one. The TS escort tells us that if it were true, she would have been put out of business long ago, as men could simply go and have sex with other men if they really were gay and suppressing it.

“A straight man doesn’t want to sneak off to bend over for a big guy in the dark room of a gay club,” she explains, but this doesn’t tell us what it is that men want from a TS escort and just why they see them in the first place.

The appeal of a TS escort

One simple way to find out is to just ask those who know, and those are the TS escorts themselves. One states that men simply want it all to feel as though they are “engaging in a sexual encounter with a woman, except on this occasion it’s a woman with that bit extra. This way he is satisfying his visual and his sexual needs”.

So it isn’t simply that these men are secretly gay and are trying to hide it by spending time with those hot and sexy women with that little bit extra – they are seeking that something extra with someone as open minded and accepting as they are.

It could also simply be curiosity. A lot of men feel comfortable seeing escorts because they can confess their deepest sexual desire to them without being judged. They can tell them all about their wildest fantasies in bed without being shunned and without being told no. They can simply explain what it is they desire and, usually, the escort will go along with it because they want to explore it with them.

This comfortableness translates to TS escorts too, as they can go to them and feel comfortable, knowing that the escorts is going to go gossiping about who they have seen and what they have done, because discretion is just as important to them as it is to you. You can go and spend some time with a sexy TS escort and feel happy knowing that you will get what you want.

So why the stigma?

There is a stigma around escorts, particularly the TS and TV ones, which means they are seen differently. They are seen as even more perverted and sexually active than the rest of us, despite the fact that there is very little different about us.

Why do you think that men see TS escorts? Are you the client of a TS escort and want to tell us your reasons for seeing them, or do you have some other ideas about why a man might spend time with a hot TS lady?

You can let us know by leaving a comment in the box below, or you could head over to the Escort Wales forum and join in the discussion there. Tell us, why do men really see TS escorts?

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