What To Expect When You Want Degrading

The world of kink is dark and deep and a lot of fun when you do it right. You might have toyed with things like bondage and spanking and find that you want more. You might enjoy nothing more than being degraded, being told that you are worthless and treated like you have no value whatsoever.

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However, telling your partner that you want degrading is a very open statement to make. Just what does degrading mean? Here on Escort Wales we have the ultimate guide you help you along, with tips and tricks to help you find the perfect degrading act for you.

The basics you need to know

Before you even get started with being degraded, you need to know what to do in case things get a little too intense or go a little too far for you. It might be that you will be comfortable with absolutely everything that happens, but if you aren’t you need a plan of action to make sure you have a way to stop it and give yourself time to think.

As with many other things that you might try in the bedroom, you need to set a safe word before you go through with anything. A safe word is basically a word that you can say at any point during the sex (or lack of it) to let your partner know that this might not be for you.

With trust in place and a safe word, you will feel much more at ease. Just because you have a safe word doesn’t mean you will use it, and a lot of people quite happily go around having sex without ever using their safe word. They simply have it just in case they do need to let their partner know that it isn’t working.

When choosing a safe word, opt for something that you wouldn’t say in the moment. With many fetish fantasies, the degrading leads to cries of “no” and you might be begging for them to stop. However, this could all be in character, and if your partner thinks it is then they might not stop.

Fruits are good to use, as they are quick and simple to say in the heat of the moment. You could also use a traffic light style system, where your partner will ask you to rate your enjoyment. Green means to keep going, amber means you are getting to the edge of your comfort zone and might need a minute, and red means you want them to stop. It is a good way to let your partner know what you want without interrupting the fun too much.

Verbal humiliation

Verbal humiliation is one of the most common kinds of degrading and humiliation that you will find. It is simple to get started and is a nice way to ease into it. A good place to start is by using belittling pet names, such as “pet”, “slave”, or even “boy” to show how worthless you are. From there, you can move on to being forced to agree with everything that your master or mistress says. Having you say “yes mistress” or “you are very wise and beautiful, mistress” ties in well with terms like “slave” as it helps to reinforce your place and show that you are well and truly theirs.

Gaining permission from your master to do things such as speak, take a drink, or even go to the bathroom are all part of the verbal humiliation, as you will find yourself hoping they say yes. Without their permission and them allowing you to do something, you are completely at their mercy and they can treat you however they want you to.

It can go further than this, as you might then be given degrading names such as “shit” or “cunt” to show that you don’t deserve to be spoke to politely. They might even tell you that you are fat or ugly and that you disgust them, just to let you know how little they think of you.

Physical humiliation

Physical humiliation can come in a number of different forms. Most commonly will be discipline, where you are spanked and punished for your behaviour to show that you are worth nothing. You might even be restrained and left for an extend period of time to show that they don’t care for you at all.

You could also be forced to do things for them, such as eating out their pussy or pleasuring them however they want you to. This form of body worship will only end when you have satisfied your mistress and she allows you to stop. She will treat you like a vibrator or dildo and boss you around while you do it, making sure you lick her cunt in the way she likes.

Of course, one of the biggest ways to humiliate and degrade someone is to use bodily fluids on them. It can be something as simple as spitting on them in disgust, but they might also piss and shit on your body and treat you like a toilet. For many this is exactly what they are looking for, as this truly shows them how little their mistress or master thinks of them.

Public humiliation

Public humiliation is a common way of degrading someone and taking it to the next level. For some it is as simple as going into a café or other public space and ordering you to kiss and lick their feet for them, letting everyone else around you see what a disgusting thing you are.

Dog training and public humiliation sometimes go hand in hand, and your mistress might put you on a lead and take you for a walk out in public. Others will see you being taken down the street on a lead and it is one of the ultimate ways that they can embarrass and degrade you.

Are you into degrading and humiliation, or do you prefer things a little more vanilla? Is there something else you’d like to know about? Let us know on the Escort Wales forum or by leaving a comment in the box below. Confess your sins to us!

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