Welcome To The Gay Football World Cup!

The World Cup is returning to Brazil, but this time there is a twist!

On Saturday, the Gay World Cup began in Manaus, and is the first to be held in the country. The tournament’s 120 players began the tournament with a choreographed routine to ‘Waka Waka’ by Shakira. This was all followed by a carnival.

There are 12 teams battling it out for the crown of world champion, including a team of drag queens.

Bizarrely, as well as a trophy for the winners, there is a special prize for the ‘bitchiest’ player in the tournament, with the title of ‘Miss ‘Antipathy’.

Ball hitting the back of a net

‘Gays Like Football’

Junior Leocádio, an amateur league player who helped organise the event said ‘People think that gay people only know how to play volleyball or dodgeball. But a lot also like to play football.

‘Many of my friends don’t like playing with heterosexuals because they’re afraid of getting injured. That’s why we decided to start our own championship, and why we’re all so excited about it.’

What I never knew is that there is an English team in the non-league pyramid which is specifically for gay people. Stonewall FC recently won their fourth gay games in a row, beating New York Ramblers.

Treasurer Jamie Feldman said that Stonewall FC had three teams, two of which were competing in the FA pyramid. He added: ‘We’re a gay club in a straight league, and eight-time world champions… we’re the best out there. Our players compete in gay tournaments because they’re there, but there shouldn’t be that separation.

‘When I first joined the club ten years ago, there was quite a lot of homophobic “banter”. But now, people respect our football. Whether someone is straight, gay, white, black, male or female, everyone should be able to play football.’

Foot kicking a football

The Wrong Direction

This is the point I think. I’m not sure ‘gaying up’ football is really a good idea. The beauty of sport is it brings people together, irrespective of what their beliefs and persuasions are. Having a competition where you can have the ‘bitchiest’ player makes gay people look like cartoon characters.

Here at Escort Wales we deal with a lot of male Cardiff escorts, and guess what? They are just normal guys.

If we wany gay footballers to feel comfortable coming out, then they need to know their team mates will realise they are normal guys. They aren’t going to be prancing around the changing rooms like Julian Clary.

I’m sure others may have a different opinion? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

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