The Hottest Role Play Ideas That Cost Nothing!

Role play doesn’t have to be about sexy uniforms. Sure, the sexy costumes can help a lot if you are struggling to get into character, but there are many ideas you can try without having to spend a penny on anything.

If you have always wanted to try role play but have been scared about breaking the bank when buying costumes and props, here are some of the hottest role play ideas that are totally free to do.


When you imagine a repairman, you might think of them in overalls or in a uniform, but you absolutely don’t need a costume at all. In fact, turning up in jeans, boots, and a flannel shirt can go a long way to getting your girl have those hot and sexy thoughts about taking you out of them.

Since doing repair work is a tough job, you don’t want to wear the newest items in your closet. Jeans with slight rips in them can add to the illusion, and if you want to make it really dramatic by ripping your shirt open, choose one that you don’t mind losing buttons from.

When acting out your sexy scenario, agree beforehand exactly what it is that needs fixing. It could be the shower, where one of you can “accidentally” turn it on while the other is under it to get them soaking wet, or the washing machine.

While the washing machine might seem like an odd suggestion, have you ever had sex on one? The vibration while it is running is a huge turn on, and it makes your sexy and lust filled sex even better than it was before!

Sexy student and teacher

In our young days we have all had crushes on a teacher. An older and intelligent man is such a turn on, and this is a fantasy you can easily act out together.

For your sexy teacher uniform, all you need is a smart suit. That’s it. How easy it that? For your partner, it can be a little more challenging. However, you can just use a skirt (rolled up to make it shorter), a white shirt, and one of your ties to give them that sexy schoolgirl look.

Now that the uniform is sorted, what do you do next? There are so many scenarios you can act out, from an after school detention that the student desperately wants to get out of to a student trying to get some extra help from her favourite teacher to make sure she doesn’t fail.

You can even set out your place to look like a school, by moving a desk into the room and having papers and pencils everywhere. It might seem like a really small detail, but seeing a man clear a desk with his arm before grabbing you and lifting you onto it to fuck you is a huge turn on.


This is definitely one for the men out there, although it can go both ways. You can arrange to drive your partner wild by giving them a sexy strip tease.

If you are the one giving the strip tease, go for clothes you can easily get out of. Yes, you might love those button jeans and that tight belt, but jeans zippers are a hell of a lot sexier (and easier) to take off.

If you are the one receiving the strip tease, just watch and enjoy what your partner does for you. Try to obey the rules of no touching and see how long you can last before you just have to take them and fuck them hard.

Music can be great in this situation, but go for something slow and without music to keep their attention completely on you.

Re-enact a sexy scene

You might have a favourite sexy scene from a film or a book, or maybe even a porno. One of the hottest things you can do is re-enact that scene with your partner.

If you are choosing one from a book or film, watch it and read it together to make sure you both understand what is happening in the scene. Talk about it and figure out if you want to follow it exactly or change things up a little.

The Fifty Shades series is ideal for this, as you can use both the books and the films to see how each scene plays out.

If you’d rather use a porn movie to do it, make sure it is one they like too and one that gives plenty of attention to the woman. You could even have the scene playing while you are acting it out to make it even hotter.


The hostage/prisoner role play is great for those wanting to try out BDSM and establish a dominator/submissive relationship with their partner.

Before you get down to it, talk about consent. What are they willing and not willing to do? Is there something they are curious to try? Are you both clear on the safe word? When you have established all of this, you can get down to it.

This is one of the best cheap role play ideas to use as you can do it using everyday items you find around the home. A chair makes a great place to sit the hostage, and things like a belt or a dressing gown tie can be ideal to keep their hands and legs tied up. You have them completely at your mercy, and you can make them beg to be freed before letting them suck your cock.

Role playing in the bedroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and with the above scenarios you will not only have great fun with your partner, but you will also save a hell of a lot of money. Which is your favourite scenario above? Tell us on the Escort Wales forum or by leaving a comment in the box below.

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