Is Taking Dirty Pictures Okay?

The recent iCloud scandal has caused a lot of debate. It is a huge invasion and breach of privacy that these images are being shared around, yet some seem to be under the impression that this was to be expected because they took the pictures in the first place. So here’s my question – is it okay to take dirty pictures?

“Keep it private – don’t take them”

A lot of people have been saying that, if they didn’t want them to be seen in the first place, they shouldn’t take them. The whole point of taking those types of pictures is to show someone. Not just anyone, but someone you trust and care about. They haven’t taken them to plaster all over the internet – they’ve taken them for someone specific.
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“It’s to be expected – they’re famous”

This argument confuses me the most. They are famous… so it’s okay to invade their privacy and put those images all over the internet? It doesn’t make sense. Just because someone is famous doesn’t make it okay. They are still entitled to a private life, and not every celebrity will have a scandal like this.

“It’s a breach of privacy”

Obviously this is a huge breach of privacy and security. It shouldn’t have happened, and there are so many people who are now suffering as a result of it. Is it really okay to spread those pictures around?

Do you think it is okay to take dirty pictures? Speaking to some of the escorts in Swansea, I know how it can be when people think it is okay to invade their privacy because they know them or they are famous in some way. It shouldn’t be allowed to happen, so I think that people should still be able to take them and they shouldn’t be condemned if they do.

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Lara Mills

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