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Donald Trump in Watersports Shocker

Since Donald Trump became President, things have been pretty damn weird. After the rather amusing meltdown from the Liberals after Hillary got spanked in the Electoral College, reality dawns, and we are left with a future President who seems to think it is more important to have a ruck with Meryl Streep than actually acting like a President. However, things took an even more bizarre turn on Tuesday night when an as of yet unverified report suggested that Trump paid Russian escorts to perform watersports on each other at a hotel in Prague. For those who don’t know, that is when someone urinates on another person. Continue reading Donald Trump in Watersports Shocker

Russian Strippers to Take Pay Cut!

Anyone who reads the news will realise that it is a very tough time for the Russian economy. With the annexing of Crimea, and the alleged interference in eastern Ukraine, the EU has put a load of sanctions on the country, really damaging the ruble, and putting the economy in shit street (I didn’t learn that term at the London School of Economics BTW) However, help may be at hand, as the countries strippers have taken a pay cut to try and help things along. Continue reading Russian Strippers to Take Pay Cut!