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Is Dating Escorts Better Than Having An Affair?

People stray in relationships for a number of different reasons. It might be that the person they are dating has changed, and so aren’t the person they used to be. It could be that the dynamic has changed, and that we simply don’t have the time any more to dedicate to them. When this happens, having an affair can seem very tempting. Continue reading Is Dating Escorts Better Than Having An Affair?

Is Cybersex Cheating?

Sex has come a long way since the 1960’s, hasn’t it? With the creation of the internet, you cannot deny that it has become embedded into our culture. Like any subject, the culture will always have its good and bad points. Let’s take ice-cream for example, it can make us fat when consumed in copious amounts, but it tastes really good. It’s something great to eat when you’re dealing with a breakup or when you’re having your cheat day. Continue reading Is Cybersex Cheating?