What Is The Sexiest Thing A Woman Can Wear?

The female figure is a beautiful thing to look at. On every woman you can see their curves, whether they are gentle and subtle or more obvious and teasing, and sometimes there is nothing sexier than a woman.
Sexy woman looking at herself in a mirror

With such an amazing figure to look at, trying to decide what is the sexiest thing a woman can wear is a challenge. Is it a tight and sexy dress, a uniform for roleplay, some lacy lingerie? Or is there nothing better than seeing naked flesh?

Tight sexy dress

What is the appeal in a tight and sexy dress? What makes the bodycon dresses or revealing slits of skirts so arousing to others?

With the bodycon design, they are supposed to be tight fitting dresses that leave little to the imagination. If your partner has some obvious curves on her body, it can be the best way to show them off.

The material clings to the form and molds perfectly to it, almost like a second skin, meaning that every movement they make you can see the way their body shifts with each step they take. As it clings, you will see an obvious waistline that you cannot wait to get your hands on.

As for dresses and skirts with slits, these gaps go just high enough to make you want to follow and see just what is underneath. When your partner walks, her leg with slip elegantly in and out of this gap, leaving you wanting more.

Sexy outfit

If you enjoy fantasies then you will find nothing sexier than your partner wearing an outfit to match it. There are clothes for every fantasy, whether it is being caned by a school mistress or seduced by a sexy nurse.

The uniforms only add to the role-play experience, especially if your partner is skilled at using the accessories that come with it.

Have you ever seen anything sexier than your girlfriend running a smooth cane up their leg while dressed as a school mistress? Maybe even a maid slowly walking up to you to make sure you are as squeaky clean as possible?

Lacy lingerie

Lingerie is one step away from being completely naked, and the way it hugs the female figure can be a huge turn on to many.

Lace panties can sit just right on the curve of their bum, urging you to tear them off and have your wicked way with your partner. The clasp on a bra longs to be undone, and a thong can easily be pulled aside to allow you access.

If it is a matching set of lingerie, that is even better. Seeing the material appear from underneath whatever it is your partner was wearing before is a huge turn on, as it suggests you will see more while still denying you what you so desperately crave.

The feel of it in your hands as you gentle stroke their breasts or grab their ass is also a huge turn on, and it seems to fit them perfectly.
Sexy naked legs


Ask people what women look sexiest in and some will cry “nothing!”. They think that a woman is at her sexiest when she wears nothing at all, and that may ring true for some.

Her entire body is on show for you to admire and appreciate. Is there anything sexier?

What is the sexiest thing a woman can wear? In my mind, I feel at my sexiest when I have a matching set of lingerie on underneath a sexy dress. What is your preference?

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