Russian Strippers to Take Pay Cut!

Anyone who reads the news will realise that it is a very tough time for the Russian economy. With the annexing of Crimea, and the alleged interference in eastern Ukraine, the EU has put a load of sanctions on the country, really damaging the ruble, and putting the economy in shit street (I didn’t learn that term at the London School of Economics BTW) However, help may be at hand, as the countries strippers have taken a pay cut to try and help things along.


All in it Together

This has all been inspired by President Putin’s own decision to take a pay cut earlier this month. Apparently the ‘iron man’ is dropping his wages 10% between now and December.

One of the dancers, named only as Alexander, said: “We have learned that Vladimir Putin has reduced his income, and we support the state [and] decided that we need to do the same.”

Club owner, Dimitry Grigoriev, told a Russian news station that most of the club’s income was now coming from overseas clients.

He said: “This year, foreigners came more. We expect a number of tourists from abroad, particularly China.”

It seems that the stripping industry is taking a real hit at the moment. Many strippers are looking to diversify into different industries, and offer ‘extras’. These include free lap dances for couples, and hosting business lunches, with a striptease thrown in at the end. What other kinds of extras they mean, we won’t ask.

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An Ulterior Motive?

OK, when you look more closely at it, this may not be the altruistic measure it has been painted out to be. One suspects that most Russian guys who want to frequent strip clubs haven’t got a pot to piss in at the moment. Therefore, a cynic could say that these girls are merely dropping the price to get more action. A real case of capitalism in action.

An Added Benefit

To be fair, there is likely to be another benefit of a struggling Russian economy. If money isn’t being made behind the old iron curtain, then there will certainly be something of an influx of escorts from Russia coming to our shores. Considering how beautiful they are, and how popular they become when they arrive here, that can only be considered a good thing.

I will nail my colours to the proverbial mast. I hope Mr Putin continues to do whatever he is doing to piss off western leaders. If it means that we have more of their hottest strippers moving to this side of the world as economic migrants, then we will certainly benefit.

Nothing like being selfish eh?

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