Rolf Harris Sent To Prison

Entertainer and pedophile Rolf Harris was today sentenced to five years and nine months today for a string of sexual offences dating back decades.

Harris was convicted of 12 counts of indecent assault on young girls, and will have to serve almost three years of that.

A Much Loved Figure

It brings an end to one of the saddest tales the country has ever seen. With a number of programme’s such as ‘Rolf’s Cartoon Club’ and ‘Animal Hospital’, Rolf became a much loved fixture in homes all over the land.

Now he is exposed as a man who used his position of trust to assault young girls.

When the case came up originally, it is fair to say, most thought it would never go to trial. Rolf wouldn’t do any of those things would he?

Well, it appears he did. Also, if anyone was questioning his guilt, a quick look at his internet search history brings up some pretty woeful results.

Prosecutors said the artist and musician was accused of copying a total of 33 indecent images after trawling websites including ‘Tiny Teen P****’; Teeny Tiny Girlfriend’; ‘Young Little Girlies’; Russian Virgins; ‘My Little Nieces’; ‘Little V******’; and ‘Babes Joy’

Although he won’t be prosecuted over those images as he has already gone down for the more serious charges, it certainly shows what his tastes are.

A Valuable Lesson

In the end, this goes to show that all sexual predators aren’t strange looking individuals like Jimmy Savile.

They are more likely to be the kindly uncle or the family friend. That kind of makes the betrayal even more shocking.

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