Prison Official Slept With Numerous Inmates!

I have to say, I have never really fancied going to prison. It is nothing to do with being away from my family, which would actually be a bit of a relief sometimes. It has more to do with a lack of sex, or should I say, the only sex being had is me with some big black guy called Bubba in the showers when I have dropped the soap. Doesn’t sound like fun to me! However, in America, it seems that there is a a prison employee who can really make sure that the inmates there get ‘hard time’.

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A New York prison official is under investigation after it was claimed that she had sex with a number of inmates at the Clinton Correctional Facility. The prison, as anyone who has been watching the news will know, has been the centre of a major story surrounding two convicted murderers escaping from the jail in what can only be described as a Shawshank Redemption style bolt.

David Sweat and Richard Matt used tools to get out of the prison, but it appears that while he was inside, Sweat had sex over 100 times with a prison worker called Joyce Mitchell, 51. One wonders why, if he was having it that good, he wanted to leave. It appears she would also smuggle good food in for him. Seems like he had it made. Where do I sign up?

However, it seems that Mrs Mitchell has been a busy girl. It is now claimed that she had sex with Richard Matt also, before the escape. This prison must have been like something off a really dodgy porno movie. Whilst most guys are worried about getting gang raped in the showers, these guys are double teaming some prison officer.

All joking aside, it seems that she is in quite a bit of trouble. It has been revealed that she helped them both escape, and I may not be an expert on the American legal profession, but I am guessing that is probably worse than sleeping with inmates. One suspects that she is looking at a lot of jail time.

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Well, if she does get sent down, then hopefully she will be met by some hot male prison guard who will be able to make her life inside a bit more bearable. Who knows, he may even be help her escape and get sent down himself. A bit like the Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’, just with more sex and criminals.

You really have to laugh, up until the point you remember that Matt and Sweat are depraved killers who shouldn’t be walking the streets and need to be back locked up. But hey, I’m not gonna let something minor like that stop me finding this whole thing rather amusing.

It is certainly something you never see on those U.S shows on the Crime and Investigation channel!

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