How To Pleasure Breasts!

Whether you tend to be a breast, leg or bum man, touching breasts in the right way can give the receiver and giver copious amounts of pleasure. This guide will make sure you are breast savvy, in all the right ways.


The breast stroke is not just a swimming manoeuvre, breast stroking is paramount to inciting passion between the both of you. Gently stroke the breasts all over softly, cupping them and gently squeezing. Whatever you do don’t ‘grab’ the breasts and don’t go straight for the nipple and twist them. This is off putting and will not go down very well. Keep the stroking soft, leading the woman into ecstasy with gentle strokes and teasing. Women like their breasts touched gently at first, under clothes can be a turn-on as well, adding a naughty element to the interaction.

Woman unclipping black bra from the front!

Knowing The Nipples

Nipples – think of them, as you will the holy grail of breasts. The nipples, if they are touched in the right way have the power to completely throw your woman into a frenzy. Some women’s nipples are more sensitive than others, in fact, some women have been known to fully orgasm just by being touched on their nipples. The best way is to stroke your hands across them, you will know if a woman is excited because as she becomes turned on, her nipples harden. Stroke your fingers and thumb against the nipples. Pinching the nipple will be a matter of preference but most women enjoy this sensation, pinch the nipple as hard as she enjoys. Some women can tolerate very hard and enjoy this very much and some prefer a slight pinch.


The mouth is a nipple’s best friend. Licking the nipple is an incredible sensation for a woman, biting is also guaranteed to gather your woman into a stupor, but always check to see if it isn’t too hard, too hard can be a turn off. Biting is very enjoyable, this can be enjoyed when touching her between her thighs, these two acts will guarantee your woman is putty in your hands. Kissing the breasts and nipples is gentle and enjoyable for a woman and is the best way to start.

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Spicing It Up

There are always ways to spice up the breast play. Using food like whipped cream and syrup on the nipples and licking it off can be a real excitement. There are toys like soft whips and nipple clamps for the more adventurous among you that concentrates sensation on the breasts, making it more intense. Although the nipples are sensitive they are also very durable and so a lot of women enjoy soft whipping on the breasts or light spanking. This is something you can discuss with your partner.

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