Man Injects Arms To Look Like The Hulk!

People will do some pretty stupid things to try and impress others. Just last month over on the Escort Ireland blog we talked about the man who wanted a bigger dick, and so decided to inject his penis with Vaseline to make it bigger.
Man receiving an injection in arm

Well, injecting strange things into your body seems to be a trend of late. If you want to make something bigger, injecting something into it is what many seem to believe works. However, many seem to ignore the major side effects that can come from injecting a foreign substance into the body, like swelling, allergic reactions, and the potential loss of those important body parts.

We take a look at the man who wanted bigger arms and nearly lost them when doctors explained things hadn’t gone quite the way he wanted them to.

Bigger is better

For Romario Dos Santos Alves, he had always wanted to be an amazing Brazilian bodybuilder. He wanted to be bigger, because we all know that bigger is better, but his regime at the gym just didn’t seem to be cutting it.

Any of you who currently go to the gym will know how long it can take to build muscles, and while different supplements can help you, getting to the size you want is often a long and gruelling process.

However, he found a potential solution when talking to other men at the gym. They suggested that a special synthetic filler would help to pump his biceps up to the size he wanted, and instead of ignoring the crazy guys at the gym as most people would, he quite happily filled his biceps up.

The final result? Alves managed to pump his arms up until they were 25 inches thick, but he noticed that things weren’t quite as magical as he had hoped they would be.

Doctor’s advice

Following the procedure, where Alves injected his body with a mixture of oil and alcohol to pump them up, Alves asked his wife to help him with those hard to reach places.

Obviously, she quickly realised how bad this would be for him and encouraged him to go to see a doctor. They wanted to know exactly what the cost of this bizarre procedure would be to him, and if there would be any negative long term effects.

Unsurprisingly, this unusual treatment being used to the extent that it was by Alves was going to have some side effects, but no-one expected the answers the doctors gave him.

“I remember the doctor told me that they would need to amputate both arms,” Alves confessed in an interview. “They said everything in there, all my muscles, were rock.”

Emotional scares

If being told that you might lose your arms isn’t scary enough, Alves faced many other side effects, and not all of them were physical.

For a start, when his wife realised just what he was doing to himself she couldn’t support him. She was pregnant at the time, and didn’t want everything that was happening to put her unborn child at risk. She gave Alves a choice, telling him that it was her or the drug.

His arms now earn him some horrid nicknames, such as “beast” or “monster” from the locals in his hometown of Caldas Novas, and he is struggling to come to terms with it.

In fact, when his wife was six months pregnant with his son, he felt he could not take it anymore. The drugs made him crazy, and he wanted to take his own life to escape what he had done.

Learning to live with it

Now, Alves is learning to live with what has happened to him and wants others to learn from his mistake: “I want other people to see the dangers, I could have died all because I wanted bigger muscles. It’s just not worth it.”

However, sometimes Alves gets the attention he was hoping for with his arms, as he said in a recent interview. “Sometimes kids will come up to me and say that I look like the Incredible Hulk and hug me and have their photo taken with me. I really like that as I modelled my body on the Incredible Hulk.”

Most of the time, though, he simply gets strange looks from his neighbours, and in a way we can understand why. Almost all of the pictures of him look like terrible Photoshop.

If you really want to get yourself to be big and muscular, gents, we suggest hitting the gym and doing it the old fashioned way. Don’t start injecting things into your body.
Muscular Male Torso

Why injecting is a bad idea

Injecting foreign things into your body is a bad idea, no matter where you stick the needle. If you want to get bigger muscles, you need to work out. If you want to improve the size of your dick, there isn’t much you can do about that, but you can change the way you think about your cock.

Look at the guy last month who decided it was a good idea to inject his penis with Vaseline. He nearly lost his penis as a result of it, and had to undergo months of pain and suffering because he wanted to get big quick.

Your body will start fighting against whatever you inject into your body, whether it is Vaseline, oil, or something else. This can lead to pain and swelling, and as we can see from these two cases, possibly even amputation or removal of the affected area.

If the pain wasn’t a big enough reason to put you off it, maybe the prospect of amputation is enough. In short, don’t do it guys!

Lesson learnt?

So, after all of the trauma he has had to go through, has Alves learnt his lesson about the guys and the gym and what to do if they tell you to inject weird things into your body? Well, it seems that maybe he hasn’t.

While he is telling others that he wants to stay clean, he is still being tempted by the idea of getting bigger again. “Two weeks ago I bought a substance called estigor – a horse hormone. I put the needle in my chest and sucked in the air to see if I got a vein but nothing came out. I froze and started to sweat. My mind started remembering things that I’ve gone through and I thought that I couldn’t do it – I couldn’t give in to temptation again.”

Hopefully he’ll be able to keep away from temptation permanently. Hitting the gym and ignoring those there trying to get him injecting more unusual things is clearly the best way to go about improving your body.

Would you ever risk something like this just to get bigger muscles or a bigger dick, or are you dedicated to hard work and the results they can get? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below, or by visiting the Escort Wales forum and seeing what other people have to say over there.

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