Idiot Nearly Dies In Fire Challenge (Video)

I have a great idea. Why don’t we play a game where you pour a flammable liquid on yourself, set it on fire and then see what happens? No? You think I’m a moron? OK!

Well, apparently there is something called ‘the ‘fire challenge’ doing the round on social media at the moment. This is where someone pours something flammable on themselves, sets it on fire, and then put it out. Apparently it is designed to show how brave someone is.

Well what could possibly go wrong here? For anyone who hasn’t worked that rather simple question out, a video which has gone viral shows exactly why no-one should be trying this.

Near Disaster

It shows a man putting flammable liquid on his naked torso. He then asks for a lighter and ignites it. Sadly for this guy he erupts in a fireball, running around his place, with other people trying to put out the flames before the braniac dies.

It seems the big mistake he made is that he poured FAR TOO MUCH flammable liquid on himself.

OK, I will lay it on the line. I have never seen anything so moronic in all my years. If you want some excitement in your life take up a hobby, visit a Cardiff escort, do a skydive, anything!

Just don’t set fire to yourself.

People really need to start thinking before they act. They really do!

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Lara Mills

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Lara Mills
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