How To Give Her A Facial She Won’t Forget!

Those who enjoy taking control in the bedroom will want to give her a facial she’ll never forget, and when we say that, we don’t mean you’ll come in her eye and be told to never darken her doorway again.

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Facials aren’t just a turn on for the guy to give, as there are women out there who love nothing more than a face full of come. Once you’ve found her, you want to make sure the facial you give her is one that she enjoys so much she fantasises about it. We give you some tips on making your facial memorable for all of the right reasons.

Asking for it

The first step to giving a great facial is to make sure she knows it is coming. If she is sucking your cock and you suddenly pull out so that you can spunk on her face, she won’t be best impressed – especially not if you get it in her hair/nose/eyes. Cleaning come from hair is actually pretty challenging, so give her some warning.

The best way to do that is to talk to her about it first. When you are both relaxed and comfortable, ask how she feels about facials, or say how much it would turn you off if you could come on her face and tits.

While some might turn away in disgust at the very idea of getting something on their face that might ruin their makeup, most will be open to the idea. They might be a little apprehensive about it at first, worrying about your come making them blind, but you can set their mind at ease.

Set some ground rules when you ask for it. Tell them that you want them to close their eyes to minimise the chances of giving them very sore and red eyes, and that you will warn them when it is about to happen. For most people, this is enough to settle any of the worries that they have, so you can focus on the important thing – and that is giving her a great facial.

Of course, if they definitely don’t want you to come on their face, there are plenty of other options for you. Their tits, ass, or even stomach might be a good alternative for you that will also get them used to feeling of your spunk on their body. Afterwards, you could move onto facials.

Before the facial

For some, facials are a simple case of whipping out their cock, ordering their submissive partner onto their knees, and pumping one out onto their face. However, a lot of people tend to build up to the facial. After all, you can’t hope to receive that unforgettable money shot of her face dripping with your come without doing something for her first, right?

Start with oral sex. Kiss your way slowly down her body, teasing her nipples as you go. As she starts to moan and groan underneath you, gently rub a finger on her clit. Kiss it, licking the outside of her pussy to drive her wild, before sliding your fingers slowly into her wet pussy.

Keep it slow and steady to build up the tension, rubbing your tongue gently on her clit to get her closer and closer to orgasm. When she’s there, keep going until she stops you, before you move slowly and slide your cock into her pussy.

As before, keep it slow so that she will enjoy it. If you jackhammer inside of her immediately after she’s had an orgasm, she might be a little too sensitive and stop you completely. Listen to what she says and how she reacts, and when you think you can’t hold out anymore, slide out and tell her what you want to do next.

By now, she’ll probably be getting very excited and thrilled at the idea of wearing your come on her face, and as she looks up at you she will find the look on your face a huge turn on.

Giving her a facial

Positions for facials tend not to differ very much. Most of the time, you will stand before your partner and she will be on her knees, looking up at you and your hard cock. Some prefer to lie down, so settle this beforehand.

When you’re in position and ready, you can either pump your cock or she can. She might want to give your balls a squeeze while you slide your hand up and down your dick, and she might either keep her eyes fixed on your cock or on your face during this time. There is no bigger turn on for her than watching you start to lose control.

Just as you are about to come, tell her! Don’t just moan and groan and expect her to get the picture. Say quite clearly “I’m coming” so that she can close her eyes. Get her to squeeze her eyes tight while it happens so that there is less chance of any rogue jizz getting in her eyes. That way, she should be able to open her eyes again without having to seek medical assistance or Doctor Google.

Afterwards, take a look at your partner. Look at her on her knees before you, smiling up at you with a face full of your come. It will be one of the hottest things you’ve ever seen, so tell her that. Tell her how sexy she looks, that she looks beautiful, and that you’d love to do it again sometime. She’ll be turned on by it, and you are sure to get to enjoy it again in the future.

Are you a fan of facials, or do you tend to prefer coming in other places? Tits? Ass? Mouth? Tell us what you think about facials, either by writing in the comment box below or by visiting the Escort Wales forum. You might even find some fellow facial lovers on the forum, and you can talk about the hottest facial shots in porn that you have ever seen.

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