Girl Gives Top Answers Over Condom Complaints!

It has to be said, unwanted teen pregnancy is a real issue these days. Children are becoming sexually active at an earlier age, and although we would like them to stop it and just keep their legs crossed, it is always better for them to understand the benefits of safe sex, rather than face the unpleasant alternatives. We all want our children to have knowledge of condom use, and it is fair to say, this 14 year old girl gets it. However, it ended up getting her suspended.
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A Reddit Sensation

The incident seemingly occurred two years ago seemingly, but has only just made it to Reddit. The post went as follows.

‘Two years ago today, my then 14-year-old sister got suspended for submitting these answers for her sex-ed class,’ wrote the original poster on Imgur. ‘I’m so proud of her.’

It all centred around a questionnaire entitled ‘Objections to Condoms’ and asked the writer to consider objections that people who don’t want to use condoms would have, and match them up with pre written suggested answers. Well, obviously not too keen on the answers provided, she gave her own, and boy, she didn’t pull any punches.

Some of the classics answered questions such as ‘Condoms don’t feel good, it won’t be natural’, to which she replied ‘Being pregnant doesn’t feel good either’.

Another good example is ‘By the time you put a condom on, you’ve lost the mood’. At this point she replied that if you don’t ‘you get a little baby and AIDS’.

There are numerous other funny, and rather sarcastic comments. The poster claims her sister was suspended due to the bad language attached.


Bang on the Money

If this is true, and she has been suspended, then we need to take a look at the way we treat kids in society. The world has gone so PC, and we are more interested in whether they say a few naughty words, than if they understand issues that will follow them around for the rest of their lives. Society says that they would rather their kids have a clean mouth, but get pregnant. The girl should be congratulated, not punished. If it is true, of course.

Now call me a bit cynical, but I know a lot of these things are bullshit. In the effort to make a viral post, people lie. This could easily have been written five minutes before the post was made to Imgur. However, I think that what was said is more important than if it was genuine or not.

Kids don’t usually think in the most complicated of way. Their thought processes are simple, and therefore, any arguments made to them should be as such. These answers, as you can see are brilliant, and right on the money. In fact, I think they should now become part of every sex education class in the land.

So whoever made this up, good on them. It has certainly given us all a right good chuckle in the office!

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