GFE Or PSE – Which Is Better?

Asking people if they prefer to have a GFE or PSE experience on their date with an escort is just asking for trouble. Some enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that comes from dating a GFE escort, while others prefer how hot and steamy it gets with a PSE escort.
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Is one better than the other? If you are going to book an hour with an escort, do you really want to skip the PSE and go for the GFE instead? We take a look at what each means and what might make one better than the other.

The Girlfriend Experience

GFE stands for the girlfriend experience. As you might imagine, it is when you enjoy a close relationship with your chosen escort, and they treat you like they are your girlfriend.

It involves a lot of cuddling, kissing, and general closeness. You might joke and laugh more on this type of date, and you will feel more relaxed and at ease with them.

This type of date tends to work best if you know the escort well. If you have an escort you regularly meet, you may well be having the GFE experience without even knowing it!

The Porn Star Experience

The porn star experience, or PSE, is the opposite of GFE. You get to enjoy your time with them as though you are spending time with a porn star who is horny and only wants you.

Instead of gentle kisses and cuddles, you will instead jump right into the main event. That said, the main event could go on for a long time, and will probably end with a money shot like they do in porno movies.

PSE might work well with someone you know, but it is an illusion. Most people prefer to be close during sex and the porn star experience is different. It means lots of moaning, groaning and moving around to try every position.

GFE is better than PSE

GFE is much more relaxed than PSE. With PSE, the focus is on sex while GFE is an entire experience. It isn’t a case of “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”. Instead, it involves long kisses, long foreplay, and slow but passionate sex.

What makes GFE so much better than PSE? Well, with GFE you can start off your date in a very natural way. You might arrive and start talking about how your day has been. If it has been a particularly long and stressful day, she might ask you to lie down on the bed and give you a massage.

The sensual massage will lead to French kissing or open mouth kissing. Your pulse will start to race and your cock will get hard in your pants. You might slowly kiss their neck to try and get them in the mood and seduce them.

If things go wrong during GFE, such as falling from the bed, you will laugh about it instead of getting worried. You will feel so relaxed and at ease that you won’t panic about the little things and will instead enjoy it.

PSE is better than GFE

Compared to the girlfriend experience, the porn star experience is harder, more passionate, and faster paced. Instead of relaxing with your partner beforehand, you will get straight to the point and start pleasuring each other as much as you can.

PSE is a great way to see what it would be like to have sex with a porn star, as your partner will try to emulate the passion and fire you see on the screen. It might help to watch it together first as you can talk about what you want to do the most.

The foreplay, which may not last very long, might start with a blowjob. It could even be deep throat, if your partner can take your entire length into her throat, and you can sit back and enjoy it.

After the foreplay you will move on to sex. You get the chance to try many positions and copy what you have seen in a porno. When the time comes, you can choose where you want to blow your load. Give her a facial and a pearl necklace, or cover those big tits in your cum, for a sight you will never forget.
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Make Your Choice

The two are at opposite ends of the spectrum. PSE is harder, faster, and more intense, while GFE gives you the chance to take a step back and really connect with your partner.

Which is best is up to you. You might enjoy nothing more than seeing a girl on her knees before you, sucking on your length and wanking you off onto her chest. Someone else might prefer a long massage followed by foreplay and sex.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Think about what you want to happen on your date and which experience it suits better. You could even try both to see which you prefer with your sexy woman?

Which is your favourite? Are you a fan of a great porn star experience, or do you prefer getting close with the girlfriend experience? You can let us know by leaving a comment in the box below, or you could head to the Escort Wales forum.

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