Getting To Know Amina Axelsson

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you might already know Amina Axelsson’s name, but this Swedish porn star and adult model has made a huge impression on the world and in the pants of many men sitting at their computers looking for the perfect woman to fap over.

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But who is this beautiful blonde woman who has seemingly come out of nowhere, and what do we know about here? Well, here on Escort Wales we are getting to know her so that you can learn a little more about the blonde beauty as you dream of her.

Swedish stripper & adult model

Currently living in Spain, where she keeps her body looking beautiful tanned, Amina was actually born in Sweden. Like many Swedish women she has that gorgeous blonde hair and smile that makes you weak at the knees and rock hard in your trousers.

Lately, videos of her have been trickling onto the internet. She has her own website where you can watch the things she can do with her body, but a few of her videos have made it onto sites like Pornhub and Porndex, so you can happily watch her over there too, without having to subscribe to her website.

She has a gorgeous body and seems to be slowly taking the world by storm, but it isn’t her body that is drawing the attention of the world. Oh no, it is her intense love of animals that is doing that.

Amina is a vegan and a huge supporter of protecting animals, which has put her in the spotlight. On her social media pages, you will see stunning shots of her in lingerie or licking a banana, followed by a picture of a hairy pussy (although not the kind you are hoping for)!

Animal lover

It’s pretty safe to say that her vegan lifestyle goes hand in hand with her being an animal lover, and you would be hard pressed to find someone out there who cares about animals as much as Amina does. She seems to be willing to do anything for them and is working hard with PETA to try and stop animal cruelty.

In fact, she has attended a number of different protests for PETA, many without her clothes on, to try and draw attention to the issue. After all, the best way to get people talking about a problem is to shock them into looking at it in the first place!

She has a number of pets at home and is often adopting and fostering others to give them a safe place to live, and she is often campaigning to make sure all animals are loved.

We liked her anyway, but this just makes us love her even more. Amina really is gorgeous, she is sexy as hell, and she isn’t afraid to tell people that what they are doing is wrong. Is there actually anything that this superwoman can’t do?

Taking on bullfighting

Of course, the big reason that she appeared in the newspapers lately is because of what she got up to in Malaga in Spain. She lives there, and during her time there she saw a huge number of bullfighting events going on. Bullfighting, I think we can agree, is a horrid excuse for a sport, and yet events are still ongoing.

Amina found herself at one event and found that she simply could not sit by and watch while the bull in the ring was bleeding and clearly suffering. She felt as though she had to do something, so she climbed into the ring.

On her she has a sign saying “No Más Tauromaquia” (roughly translating to “no more bullfighting”) to let everyone watching know that what was happening in the ring wasn’t at all acceptable. She was eventually escorted from the ring by the matador’s assistants, but even with the time in the ring it seems she didn’t fear the bull.

She actually explains on her website that she was far more terrified of the police and those watching than the bull itself, as she simply wanted to help the animal and comfort it while it was in pain. When talking about the incident, she said that “no animal should have to face an agonizing, needless death for the amusement of a crowd. I’m joining with PETA to urge caring people everywhere to end these bloody, internationally condemned events by never patronising bullfights.” Well said, Amina! You can actually see her take them on in the video below.

Thrust into the spotlight

Looking at websites like Porn MD tells us just how much her little act of rebellion against this horrific “sport” has done. Thousands of people now know her name and have been searching for her. In fact, during the last month she was the number one trending search in the UK, according to Porn MD.

Despite the amount of attention she has received for what happened at the bullfighting arena, she is continuing to produce hot content on her website for her fans, of which we are certain she has a hell of a lot more! Now she is telling the world what she thinks of animal cruelty while still managing to get us all wet and hard and wanting her. That is quite a skill, and we really hope to see more of her in the future!

What do you think about Amina Axelsson? Did you know about her before she bravely jumped into the ring to protest the cruelty of bullfighting and bull runs, or is her name one that you have recently discovered and want to see more about?

You can let us know what you think in a few different ways. You could simply leave a comment in the box below to tell us your thoughts, or you could visit the Escort Wales forum and join in the discussion over there. Are you going to go looking for Amina Axelsson’s hot porn videos now?

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  1. I really don’t get why people kill animals for sport?
    In a world like today, it isn’t what we wish to see or hear. If you’re going to kill an animal, then it should only be for 1 thing only and that’s for food.
    If people want to kill, go to fucking Syria and kill those Isis bastards.

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