Five Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

It is never a nice thing when a partner cheats on you. It hurts you not only at the moment it happens, but in the future as well. It can affect all future relationships as it makes you less willing to trust.

One thing that goes through many of the victims mind is, ‘why didn’t I spot this earlier?’

Now to people who have never been cheated on, this may sound almost irrelevant, but if it was going on for longer, people are liable to feel more stupid than if it was a one off incident.

Couple kiss on bed, while wife walk in on them

There are a number of signs that your other half is up to no good. They are no form of guarantee granted, but they should all be treated as alarm bells.

Here we go.

1) They Aren’t Very Talkative

You have to be sensible with this one. If your partner wasn’t very talkative at the start of your relationship, don’t expect them to start going on like some motormouth now.

However, if your other half was always chatty and then goes silent you know there is a problem.

There may be an issue elsewhere unrelated to cheating, but those who have been cheated on usually point this out as one of the signs that should have been spotted.

2) Less Touchy-Feely

Once again, if they were never that intimate before, then don’t get too worried. But if they used to hold your hand and put their arm around you and have stopped, then these are warning signs.

The halt in this kind of this affection is due to a sense of guilt. Unless you are a complete psycho, you will have feeling of shame if you’re cheating. This means that you try keep your distance from the victim as it is quite painful.

Couple look away from each other

So watch out for a significant drop in physical contact….it could be a hint to something much worse.

3) They Pick Fights

If your partner is feeling bad about what they have done, they are likely to try and turn everything into something you have done. It will make them feel the victim, and relieve some of their guilt.

So watch out for a partner who is constantly looking to have a ruck with you. They could be up to no good!

4) They Dress up to go Somewhere Mundane

Of course you don’t want your other half looking slobby when they go to work or the shops, but there is a difference between that and getting suddenly dolled up to go out.

If you see your partner getting new shirts or putting new jewellery on to go to the office out of nowhere, then those alarm bells should be going off.

5) They Start Coming Back Late Or Not At All

No-one likes a paranoid spouse, so don’t jump down their throat if they are late home once. But if they start failing to come home on a more regular basis then that should raise some questions.

The ones who are cheated on are usually the most trusting. They never asked questions at the start and saw their partner coming home late as ‘just one of those things’

Guy on phone , with miserable looking wife in the background

Talk It Out

Now as we said before, these are only hints and signs. If you are worried then speak to your partner. They may be able to give you a good answer. Conversely, they may not be able to give a good enough response. It is best to play it by ear.

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Whatever happens to you; the best of luck.

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