Escorts And Rules On Meeting Them

Booking an escort can be an exciting occasion, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, what are the rules and regulations to make sure your night goes smoothly? Here we have the definitive guide to booking an escort.

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Rule No 1: Practice Safe Sex

This may sound like its a given, but realise its easy to forget the need for condoms in the heat of the moment, its also easy to shrug off needing a condom and condone your actions, all because you prefer the feeling without. But believe me, its a risk that isn’t worth taking. Think of all the STD’s you could catch, including incurable ones like herpes and HIV. Condoms may be the black sheep of the contraceptive world, but they´re protecting you. Keep condoms on you when visiting or receiving an in-call booking and put them out where you can see them, so you wont forget them when it comes to the crunch.

Rule No 2: Be Sober

It´s not fair on your chosen escort if you turn up drunk for lots of reasons, it doesnt show respect and it may intimidate and concern her. The other reason is that you may not be able to perform sexually due to the alcohol in your body, you may have less stamina or unable to get it up at all and so you would have wasted time, money and embarrassed yourself. Stay sober.

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Rule No 3: Have the Cash Ready

Most escorts will ask for money upfront, don´t make the situation awkward by not having the money prepared. If it is too much cash to carry, there are other ways an escort might receive payment such as bank transfer, card machine and paypal. But be prepared to pay cash, as that is by far and away the most popular method. You will annoy the escort if you don´t have the money for her, cause awkwardness and she will think twice when you want to book her again. Confirm the precise hours, money per hour and total and have that money waiting for her when she arrives. You will find once she is paid she will be more relaxed and willing to please.

Rule No 4: Negotiate Services Beforehand

Never try and coerce an escort into doing something you have not discussed before hand, if you have a certain fantasy and want it fulfilled, then discuss with the escort before hand, so you know it is agreed and you can both relax into it when she arrives. It is very annoying to an escort to be landed with complicated requests that have not been previously agreed, most escorts like to know what is required and prepare themselves for this.

Rule No 5: Remain Level Headed

She may be gorgeous, sweet, polite and appealing to your needs but she is there to give you a service, not a relationship. Don´t blur the lines between escort and girlfriend, the escort you have booked is providing you with a pleasurable experience and for that she receives money. Don´t try and create a relationship or connection, just enjoy it for what it is, no strings attached, no muss no fuss mind-blowing sex.

Do the escorts out there agree with these points? Comment below or have a chat with other escorts and punters alike over at the Escort Wales forum.

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