Dog Tries To Pull Off Hottie’s Bikini Top (Video)

A cute puppy has been filmed repeatedly trying to undo the bikini top of a hot woman on a beach in one of the most hilarious viral videos I have seen in a long time.

Dog running towards the camera on a grassy fiield

The ‘dirty dog’ seems hell bent on undoing Kendra Moriah’s top as the hottie struggles (unfortunately successfully) to keep everything under wraps.

Kendra seems to find the whole ordeal hysterical, even when her attempt at wrapping the strap around her fails miserably.

No Help

The cameraman must have been enjoying the scene as he made no attempt whatsoever to rescue his friend, leaving the dog to continue puling at the strap. It wouldn’t surprise me if he wanted a look as well

The party only comes to an end when Kendra is pulled to the ground by the dog and begins to get to a tad scared, letting out a pretty big yelp. Still, even at this point you can tell she find the incident amusing.

For those who haven’t heard of Kendra (and I was one of those people before saw this video) she is the lead singer in a band called ‘Dirty Little Blondes’. They play folk music and actually seem quite talented if you are into that kind of things. I’m not, but you know what I mean.

Real or a Stunt?

A number of people have claimed that this video is a bit of a stunt to get some publicity for the band. If this is the case it has been pretty successful to be fair. However, it does seem pretty genuine to me. Then again, I may just be in love with Kendra. One of the two anyway!

I would like to name the feisty canine the Escort Wales hero of the day. We may not have got to see Kendra’s goodies, but you have to give the mutt an A for effort.

We hope that this video given you a good start to to the day. It has definitely amused everyone here. I personally have watched the video three times which is probably a bit excessive!

Oh to be a dog for just one day!

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