Does Housework Really Get You Laid?

For a while now, people have been suggesting that men who do more of the work around the house get laid more, which led to pretty much every man in Wales rushing out to buy dusters, polish, and some nice flowers to put in the freshly cleaned vase.
woman doing housekeeping

Getting sex for doing things around the house sounds like a great, incentive, right? You might think so, but some people feel that this is giving out the wrong message. What do we think? Read on to find out.


This movement, which has unfortunately been called ‘choreplay’ aims to encourage men to do as much work around the house as their partner. Championed by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, it is said to dramatically improve your sex life.

Why? As Sandberg says, “couples who share chores equally have more sex”.

She also goes on to say that “if men want to do something nice for their partners, instead of buying flowers, they should do laundry”.

Yes, having a partner doing their fair share of the chores is great, but before you go rushing to the shop to stock up on oven cleaner, you should keep reading.

The wrong impression

The ‘choreplay’ movement has come under a lot of fire, as people are saying that sex shouldn’t be used as a reward for doing something. I have to agree. You have a partner, not a dog that requires a treat for not jumping on the sofa.

The online newspaper Jezebel summed this up pretty well by saying that “They always say nothing is sexier than a man who does the dishes, but I would amend that to say nothing is sexier than a man who does the dishes without having to be asked or bribed.”

They also say that “it’s OK if you simply think your partner should do his shit because he understands you’re in an equal partnership and agrees that it needs to be done. It’s OK if you find the linking of domestic equality and sex favours a bit unsavoury”.

Okay, so they have put their point across pretty harshly, but it is a valid point. Should we be using sex as a reward and the lack of it as a punishment?

A study in sex

In case you were thinking you don’t care either way as long as you get your leg over, you might want to hear about a study conducted a few months looking into the claim that men who do more housework get more sex.

The Juan March Institute in Madrid decided to settle this once and for all, and have conducted a twenty year-long study into the sex lives of married couples in America. They asked the couples just how much sex they are having, how frequently, and how they divide the chores around the house up.

The results? They found that, actually, the more housework men do the less sex they have.

Man doing houseworkThere are many “reasons” under speculation for this result at the moment, but one thing is clear – Sandberg’s claim that “couples who share chores equally have more sex” is a big fat lie.

Are chores sexy?

I think this goes without saying, but I have never seen a guy doing house work and thought “I want to suck him off in that nice clean shower”. If anything, I’ve thought “sweet!” and gone back to whatever it was I was doing.

Yes, the sexy French maid outfit is a huge hit in many bedrooms, but how much cleaning do you actually get done while wearing it? Very little, I suspect!

So, what do you think? Does housework really help you get laid, or is it just a rumour to get you mopping the floors and putting away the dishes? Let us know on the Escort Wales forum, or in the comment section below.

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