Condom Sales On Rise After South Korea Legalises Adultery!

Just last week we found out that South Korea had decided to make adultery legal, but striking down a 60 year old statute that outlawed it. Their reasoning? “State power should not intervene in individual’s private lives.”
Safe Sex

It seems that this has had a huge impact for businesses selling condoms, as the increase in sales has been put down to the decriminalisation of adultery.

Behind closed doors

What happens behind closed doors should stay there. That much I agree on. If it is between consenting adults, does what happen in the bedroom really matter?

The Constitutional Court in South Korea didn’t seem to think it did, and so they got rid of the statute that meant adulterers would face up to two years in prison for the offence. The presiding justice, Park Han-Chul, said that “even if adultery should be condemned as immoral, state power should not intervene in individuals’ private lives.”

South Korea has looked at this legislation many times over the years. In fact, this was the fifth time looking into it and whether it is necessary. The statistics showed a falling number of convictions, with only 22 people facing a prison sentence in the last few years for the crime.

Less adultery?

While the stats may be suggesting that there is actually less adultery going on, it could also be that the numbers of people reporting it have fallen too.

Park stated that “public conceptions of individuals’ rights in their sexual lives have undergone changes”, suggesting that how we think about sex has changed so much that adultery doesn’t seem worthy of a spell in jail anymore.

Given how the modern world is bringing about change, it is hardly surprising that being the victim of your marital partner cheating on you just doesn’t seem to have the same impact. Yes, you are devastated that it has happened, but is a criminal record really the answer?

Used against women

Looking at this statute, many agree that it is actually outdated. It was first created as the belief was held that adultery would damage families and “challenge the social order”. Now we know differently, yet it has taken a long time to get rid of it and so it has been used in the wrong way.

Lawyer Kim Jung-Beom said that law had “long lost” its relevance to modern society, as “the number of female ‘offenders’ has increased.”

Rather worrying, he also says that “in some ways the law has become a way of naming and shaming women.” Clearly, this isn’t the intended result they wanted, so the statute had to go.

Encourage sex and cheating?

As with any arguments to get rid of a law, there are those in favour of supporting it. People have flocked to say that the law should stay as it is, as they feel it will only encourage people to go off and have sex with people who aren’t their marital partner.

Kim spoke out against those saying that it would “encourage sexual depravity” by saying that there is “not a shred of evidence” to support this claim.

However, more have come forward to show their support of the law, such as justice Ahn Chang-ho, who said that the statute’s dismissal would “spark a surge in debauchery”.
Pointing red condom on man pocket

Condom sales on the rise

This could be completely unrelated, but South Korea’s biggest condom maker has announced a surge in share prices, leading people to think that, actually, people are off having more extramarital sex than they were before.

On the day of the repeal the share prices for the stock value had surged 15%, which is actually the country’s Kosdaq market’s daily limit, suggesting that people are expecting rushes of husbands and wives buying condoms to keep them safe during their affairs.

Condom sales might well rise as a result of this, but if they are is it really so horrifying to learn? If people are going out there and having more sex, they are being safe about it. They aren’t taking risks with their health of their partner’s health.

Do you think there will be an increase in condom sales, or will people carry on as they have been doing before with little change? Let us know by leaving your thoughts in the comment box below and joining the debate. Alternatively, you could go to the Escort Wales forum and see what others are saying about this hot topic.

Personally, if the sales of condoms do increase, I don’t imagine it will be by much. The fact that many saw this law as outdated in the first place, and that the number of convictions had fallen so far, suggests that people have been doing this anyway – but it has been behind closed doors.

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