Calling An Escort – What You Should Ask

Booking an appointment with a sexy escort has never been simpler. You read their profile, call up, and you’re done! Yet many people forget to mention key things when they are booking that can cause complications later on. Here are the things that you should be talking about.
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A lot of escorts have their rates on their profiles for you to see, but it is still best to confirm when talking to them. Keep it simple, with “it’s 120£ for an hour, yes?” to let them know that you have read their profile and won’t try to negotiate on price.


Just as you will do when choosing an escort, escorts have preferences. Some will not take men over the age of 40, while some refuse to see anyone under the age of 35. It is all down to their preferences, so check their profile. If it isn’t mentioned on the profile, just confirm on the phone that your age will not be a problem. If it is, it is best to know sooner so you can seek another escort and save time for both of you.


If you are hoping to go for an erotic massage, ask if they have everything they need to perform this for you. If you want to see them in a sexy dress, let them know. It is best to tell them what you are looking for in advance so they can adequately prepare. There is nothing worse than rushing to get ready for an appointment because you haven’t been given enough time.


Escort safety is of huge importance, so many won’t give their direct address until they are absolutely sure you are all you say you are. Check on the phone where they would like you to be when you are given directions, and make sure you know how to get there. If you aren’t sure, the escort should be able to guide you.


Getting the time right can make the difference between spending an hour in the company of a gorgeous and sexy lady and walking home disappointed. Check, check, and check again. Ask them how long it will take to get from the location they gave you to their place, and set off early to make sure you know exactly where you are going. Getting lost happens, but you don’t want to take up too much of an escort’s time with wrong streets and confusion.

If you find yourself unsure of anything, it is best to ask. The Cardiff escorts are very understanding and will help you with any queries you may have.

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Martin Ward

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