Should You Book In Advance?

Looking at all of the beautiful women advertising their time to spend with you on Escort Wales could leave you tempt to make an appointment as you make their way over to them. However, many people feel that it is better to book further in advance.
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They feel that booking in advance gives them certain benefits that a last-minute appointment may not. So should you be booking your time with an escort early?


One of the key advantages to booking earlier is that there is more time to prepare, both for you and for your chosen escort. You can take a long shower, shave thoroughly, and choose the right outfit without feeling rushed to get there.

If you have made a special request to an escort, the additional time to get ready will be used to ensure everything is perfect for you. They can really relax before the booking without thinking that there is only a limited amount of time for them to get ready, so that when you do arrive they will be happy to see you.

Finding the location

As incalls are the most popular appointments booked, last-minute appointments can leave you wandering around lost, desperately on the phone to the escort to get the right directions. You will feel frustrated for getting lost, and it cuts into your time with an escort in Wales.

By calling earlier you can prepare your journey, making sure you have allowed a little extra time just in case you take a wrong turn. It is better to be safe than sorry!

A treat

One of the best reasons, I have found on my journeys as a punter, for booking early is that you have a nice treat to look forward to. Whenever I arrange a dinner date with one of the beautiful escorts in Cardiff I will call at the beginning of the week.

Not only do I get the nerve-racking task of calling and speaking to the sexy woman out of the way, but also I then have something to look forward to. It helps to beat the Monday blues and get me through the work week with a smile on my face. What more could you ask for?

The smart choice

No-one likes rushing to an appointment or getting ready in a hurry, so why call an escort up at the last minute? Give them the chance to relax and get ready at their own leisure – you will definitely see the difference in how they greet you.

Are you a last-minute caller or a beginning of the week man like myself? Head over to the Escort-Wales forum or tell me in the comments below.

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