BNP Tweets Two Minute Silence A Day Late!

On the 11th of this month, it was Remembrance Day. The entire of Britain fell silent for two minutes to remember those who fought bravely for us, and the tributes around the world were touching to see. The British National Party (BNP) however have received abuse after they tweeted a reminder about the two minutes silence… an entire day late.
BNP tweets Two Minute Silence

The Tweet

The tweet itself, pictured above, states “Remember to observe the #TwoMinutesSilence at 11 a.m. today. Others may forget but we remember. Please RT.” This was, we can only assume, aimed at the numerous celebrities around the UK who were active on social media during this time last year.

However, the tweet was not posted on the 11th, or even the day before. It was posted on the 12th, a day late.

“Smart phones are not so smart”

When the BNP realised their mistake nearly four hours later, they removed the tweet and posted a follow up, stating “Sorry for late tweet on silence. Seems smart phones are not so smart sometimes!”.

However, was technology really to blame for this? I don’t understand how it could be, given the fact that, even if it was an automatic tweet, it had to have been set by someone. Someone in charge of the BNP twitter feed has clearly made a mistake somewhere.

Going viral

The mistake is making the rounds on social media, with many finding their mistake hilarious. Comedian Jason Manford stated that it is “gloriously ironic” and seems to be highlighting the fact that the tweet seems to be “chastising ‘others who forget!”

It’s a story that you really couldn’t make up!

Should the BNP stop tweeting?

It may be for the best if the BNP step away from social media. After all, this isn’t the first tweet they’ve done that has people questioning them. Earlier they tweeted that “If you want to join a non-racist party, join the BNP” which was almost immediately followed by another saying that “Muslims are now becoming more aggressive”. Clearly not racist at all there…


Slowly the United Kingdom is becoming more welcoming to those who aren’t exactly like us. Gay marriages are now being allowed in Scotland, England and Wales. We are also far more welcoming to people from other cultures and nationalities. Just having a quick glance at some of the escorts advertising on Escort-Wales shows how diverse the escorts in Wales are.

If only the BNP could see that diversity is great…

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