The Best Human Barbie Yet!

Recently there has been a huge wave of young ladies who are obsessed about looking like Barbie. To be fair, they usually look a bit of a mess, but Ukrainian bombshell Lolita Richi could really be the best one yet.

The 16 year old stunner looks almost identical to the child’s toy, and is complete with almost unbelievable body measurements. She actually has a 20 inch waist size and a size 32 bra!

All Natural

What separates her from her ‘Barbie rivals’ is the fact that she claims all this is natural and she has had no surgery whatsoever.

‘I think I’ve achieved this image better than anyone else,’ she said.

‘I’m the ultimate vamp woman. I haven’t even heard of Valeria Lukyanov (another ‘Human Barbie’).’

Obviously not one for modesty, she claims she gets lots or male attention.

‘People have openly told me that they’re jealous of me and how good I look,’ she added.

‘All of the boys at school fancy me as well but I don’t like any of them. They are not to my taste.’

Well, it is nice to have confidence (she sounds obnoxious)

Unlike her ‘rivals’, Lolita claims that she isn’t motivated by a desire to look like Barbie. Instead she wants to look perfect and thinks all women should want to do the same.

She adds that she is her ‘own inspiration’.

Beauty Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

This is her idea of perfection, but there are so many women who have a different look and are equally as beautiful. One hopes that this is an error in translation, rather than the young lady believing that there is only one type of good looking. I know I have visited numerous Swansea escorts who all have a different look and there is no way I could put them in any order of beauty.

Good luck to her anyway. She is certainly a lovely looking girl. We certainly wish her all the success in the world in the future.

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Lara Mills

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