Beer Goggles Exist…Officially!

It appears that ‘beer goggles’ do actually exist. Yes, I know not many guys need to be told that, but a team from the University of Bristol have officially proved it.

Beer goggles, for those who don’t know, is a case of getting drunk and amazingly finding someone a damn site more attractive that you would if you were sober.

A Official Study

Some participants in the study were given an alcoholic drink, while others were given a alcohol-free placebo. After that, they were shown images of human faces and of landscapes. The group that was given alcohol gave higher attractiveness ratings to both types of images.

Man on top ow woman

The research shows that the part of the brain responsible for sex keeps functioning at the same level until we pass out, no matter how drunk we get. It is the decision making making skills and inhibitions that leave the scene.

Although this is all quite amusing, it does point out that people are likely to get themselves in to dodgy situations, like having unprotected sex or be talked into something that they may be uncomfortable with if they are bladdered.

I know I have been guilty of looking through beer goggles in the past and ending up with some dodgy looking women, so I feel quite happy that there is a real medical reason that it happened. Saying that, I’m pretty convinced some of the ladies would have thought the same thing.

A Thing Of The Past

Thankfully, my fun one-time encounters are today with the Cardiff escorts. When you consider how beautiful they are, and the fact I would never see any of them if I was drunk (as they wouldn’t see me) the days of beer goggles being an issue for me are probably a thing of the past.

Finally, no word of a lie, the researchers will be extending their study to four nights Bristol, to see if their conclusions translate to a proper night out.

Fair play…what a job!

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Martin Ward

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