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Big girls are the centre of attention at the moment. The number of people searching for BBW porn is on the rise, and men everywhere are going crazy for big butts and huge tits. It’s a good time to be a BBW.
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April Flores, winner of the AVN BBW Performer of the Year award in both 2014 and 2015, has spoken out about what it means to be a BBW. So just what is it that makes big women so appealing, and why are they on the rise.

Getting started

In her interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, April said that she “got into the porn industry kind of accidentally”. Her late husband, she says, was always supportive and complimentary of her. “No matter what size I was, he always loved my body”.

It seems that her big break was when Belladonna was working on a film with her husband. While working together, he showed her images of April: “She saw me in his portfolio and she really liked my look. She offered me a scene in one of her movies”.

April confessed that she “ended up having a really good time”, and from there she found herself being offered more and more roles in adult movies, thanks to her talents and curves.

The rise of BBW

If you take a look on any port site right now, you will probably find the front page featuring a big and beautiful woman in all of her glory. The idea of having sex with a BBW is hugely appeal to a lot of men right now, as they have a lot of confidence and are incredibly sexy.

For April, this can only be a good thing. “There are a lot of men and people attracted to fat women. I know it’s taboo to talk or think about, but it’s true.” She goes on to say that “people are seeing that there’s a profit to be made in it. I think slowly over time the companies are realizing ‘OK, this is an untapped market’.”

This previously niche market is now gaining a lot of traction, and the rise is popularity is simply making access to BBW porn all that easier.

What makes a BBW?

Some BBWs prefer to be described as curvy or voluptuous, while others like April are content with BBW and even “fat”, as they want to change the meaning… but what does it mean to be a BBW?

What is big to one person can be average to another, but more often than not you will find that a BBW is classed as a “plus size model”. Here in Wales, that usually means someone over the dress size of 16.

However, some feel that a BBW is bigger than that, yet the world is divided on the limits to being a BBW. Some suggest that anyone over a size 20 is “too big”, while others think that a size 16 is “too skinny”. For me, I think that a big beautiful woman is someone with a little extra weight to them that embraces it as is all the more beautiful because of it.
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Why are BBWs so sexy?

The world of big beautiful women is filled with controversy. A lot of men confess that they go for BBWs as they want more to love and hold on to during sex. They can get lost in every curve. BBWs are also said to be very sensual lovers and know their way around your body.

Not only do men find them sexy to look at, but they also love the taboo of having sex with a bigger woman. Others don’t see the appeal and view it, as with anal and fetishes, as an unusual thing to do. That just makes men love it more.

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