How To: Avoid Getting Lost When Meeting An Escort

There is nothing worse than being lost in a new place when you are supposed to be meeting someone, but we’ve all done it. We figure the way will be clearly sign-posted but often it isn’t, and so we are left wandering around until we eventually turn up late for our meeting. It can be frustrating, especially if you are meeting an escort.

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The first time it happened to me was when I went on a business trip to Llandudno. While I was in the area I thought I’d see if any escorts were available. I found the perfect woman, got my instructions on a landmark to travel to, and then got lost trying to find it. I arrived fifteen minutes late to find that she didn’t want to see me, so now I have created a great guide for myself to ensure I never get lost again.

Plan in advance

When the escort gives you the landmark, find out where it is. Use a online map or ask around so that you can easily find it when your brain turns to mush at the sound of a sexy woman’s voice on the phone. Figure out what you will do if you aren’t sure of the landmark when the arranged time is getting close. Get an online map on your phone to help or be prepared to ask people for help.


Research can go a long way when meeting an escort. Check to see what is happening in the area in case there are road closures or sporting events that could hinder your travel. If there are, look for alternative routes and find out how long it will take to ensure you don’t miss out on any time with your chosen sexy girl.

Do a test run

If you can, do a test run of the route you would travel. It will give you the chance to find nearby car parks (for those taking the car) or shortcuts if you are on foot, while also showing you areas to avoid during those busy periods.

Set off early

Giving yourself plenty of time removes a lot of stress and saves all of the preparation you were doing for your meeting from going to waste. You don’t want to be clean-shaved and showered, only to be running across town because you mixed up the street names. Set off early to avoid the stress. You might feel a bit silly for being early, but it is better than being late! Besides, if you do find yourself lost you will have time to ring the escort and ask for help, instead of wandering around on your own for a while.

Do you often get lost when going to meet an escort? What do you do to make sure you don’t get lost? Chat about it in the escort forums, or in the comments section below.

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