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Stella McGregor is a well respected writer in the adult industry, and has gained a fine reputation during her time working for Escort Advertising. Since she has joined the company, her work has specialised in fun things such as sex tips, as well as serious stuff like sexual health and sex workers rights. She also likes to bring her readers amusing adult stories from around the globe. When she is not putting a smile on men and women's faces with her fantastic work, Stella is a sporty girl who is into running, yoga, and individual events. She also likes surfing the web to relax.

How To Make a Woman Squirt

Women are a mystery for men. Certainly, throughout history, both sexes have been trying to get along with each other, but in the 21st century, it is fascinating that women’s sexuality is still an uncharted territory. When it’s about sex, the distance between a man and a woman increases. That’s why, one of the frequent questions between men is how to satisfy women in bed, how to give an unforgettable night, and in essence, how to make a lady squirt. Well, before discovering the steps you have to follow, it’s recommended to learn more about female anatomy. Continue reading How To Make a Woman Squirt

Five Common Sex Mistakes Guys Make

Dear men, I know you are reading this with the desire of being a great lover. We assume that nobody is perfect. However, there are women who go to an exciting date, with big expectations of a great night but the disappointment comes in many ways. One of them is about sex issues. That is because there are men who are making the same mistakes over and over again. Continue reading Five Common Sex Mistakes Guys Make