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Gabriella Zene is an American writer who joined the Escort Advertising team in early 2016. Since then, she has gained a fine reputation, and adds a high level of sex industry expertise to the team. She is certainly most famous for her informative, yet hilarious looks at sex from around the world. However, she is also well known for her erotic stories, as well as her blogs on sexual health, which she sees as vital in helping out men and women everywhere. When she is not knocking other trending articles out of the park, Gabriella likes walking her pet dog, and eating at nice restaurants.

Funny Slang Names For Sex and Genitals!

Naughty bits have been around for some time, and in that span of history, they’ve been called more than one saucy name. Slang is just another way to say something, and it typically consists of a language of non-standard words and phrases that have been invented to imply an attitude on the part of the speaker. These words may have been invented out of the speaker’s ingenuity, or they could have been reflective of trending, topical themes that are inherently representative of the times. Continue reading Funny Slang Names For Sex and Genitals!

What Happens When You Stop Having Sex?

There are real deal physical consequences of going without doing the deed, one of which is that your sexy body actually experiences a with drawl from the love drug. If you’ve shagged before, but you’re just not banging it out like you used to, a 2001 sex study confirmed that you’re understandably more prone to depression and disappointment. The not-so-sexy ramifications of abstinence are hardly life threatening, but it does effect your general well being which can be life-altering. While you’re not going to necessarily drop dead from sexual frustration, there are a few things that can happen when you stop having sex. Continue reading What Happens When You Stop Having Sex?

Nine Tips For Casual Sex

Casual Sex is the activity of sexy activity between two partners that don’t know each other very well, and while there’s an absence of commitment and emotional attachment, feelings do have a gnarly way of cropping up. How to monitor your emotional involvement and investment with someone that makes you feel amazing can be tricky, but thankfully, there are tricks to the trade. Continue reading Nine Tips For Casual Sex

Thinking Off – The Touchless Orgasm!

An orgasm is a kinky destination, and for far too long it’s been thought that to reach its sexy summit of Inspiration Point, you need to touch yourself or, have someone’s touch guide you there. However, scientific studies reveal that the road to sexual mecca is possible just by thinking. ‘Thinking off,’ is a term coined to describe a mind-derived orgasm, and it’s a form of untapped sexual pleasure that’s got a lot of kinky people thinking. Continue reading Thinking Off – The Touchless Orgasm!

The Top Six BDSM Movies Ever! (Videos)

Have you ever had a partner spank you and you dared to reply,”Thank you, may I have another?” Then you may be game to dabble in the kinky recreation of BDSM which includes bondage and discipline (B&D), dominance and submission (D&S), and sadism and masochism (S&M). Even if you’re not down for every word involved in the acronym BDSM, that’s cool too because mostly, a kinky person’s interest falls into just one or two of those categories. Continue reading The Top Six BDSM Movies Ever! (Videos)

The Disabled Sex Workshop!

There are workshops for nearly anything you might try to wrap your brain or body around! A workshop brings people together to explore a theme in class via discussion and exercises. When it comes to kinky workshops its amazing how many sexy resources there are available. Workshops aimed at exploring intimacy are out there! Whatever kinky theme you’re curious about, Google it and you’ll discover a sexy solution nearby! Continue reading The Disabled Sex Workshop!

Most Animals Aren’t Monogamous – Why are We?

There’s more monogamy in literature than monogamous relationships in the animal kingdom. Of the 5,000 species of mammals, only 3 to 5 percent are known to form lifelong bonds. Sexy fun fact: Sexual monogamy works for beavers, otters, wolves, foxes, Romeo and Juliet and then stop. For more of the sexy population, sexual monogamy is a pleasant fiction while social monogamy is more relevant, practical and sexier. Continue reading Most Animals Aren’t Monogamous – Why are We?