Anglesey Dogging Spot to Be Targeted By Police!

Anyone who knows Anglesey well will be aware of the dogging spot on the A5 lay-by.

View Point lay-by between Menai Bridge and Llanfairpwll has become a massively popular place for doggers, as well as causing a lot of anger in the local community. Well, it seems the police are going to act.

A Hands On Approach

Police said they were currently taking “a multi agency advisory approach” to dissuade people from carrying out any sexual activity in the area.

Man's bottoma with jeans, and a woman's leg wrapped arund him

If that doesn’t work it seems they will bring out the heavy guns. CCTV will be put in there, as well as patrol cars taking a look at the area.

Officers may also stop any men seen acting suspiciously and question them. So be careful if you are genuinely out walking the dog!

The warning was put on Facebook, with North Wales diversity officer PC Gary Robertson stating.

“North Wales Police are currently taking a multi agency advisory approach in order to dissuade persons attending the layby to carry out any sexual activity.

“Should the activity not stop and further complaints are received by the public, this may well be raised to more of an enforcement approach.

“This enforcement approach could include more directed patrols of the area which includes the deployment of high profile CCTV technology in the area.

“This announcement is being made following a number of complaints from residents and visitors that men are seeking and being actively engaged in sexual acts at the location.

“In response to this, men acting suspiciously may be stopped and requested to account for their presence in the view point layby area of Menai Bridge.”

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An Alternative

Well, you have been warned. To be fair, dogging has never really been by scene. Tip-toeing through peoples old condoms never really did it for me, though I of course have no problems with people who do like it.

For me, a trip to see one of the Swansea escorts is far better. I get to have my fun in a lovely apartment or a hotel; far better than some layby in my opinion.

But as we always say here at Escort Wales; each to their own. Just remember, if you do like that particular spot in Anglesey, the police will be watching!

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