Actress Has Ribs Removed To Become Thinner!

Here at Escort Wales, we have always believed that all different types are women are beautiful. It doesn’t matter if they are big, small, large or thin, or anything else for that matter; people have different tastes so there is someone for everyone. However, when you read the papers or magazines you would think only stick thin girls are attractive.

This is why I was so disheartened to read a story about Thalia; a Mexican superstar who has had her ribs removed to become even thinner.

A Bizarre Souvenir

Not only that, it seems she has kept her ribs in a jar as a souvenir.

She made the claims during a talkshow in the Philippines last week when she was confronted over rumours about her weight loss.

The actress said she had posted the disturbing image as she wanted to set the record straight. Writing on her Instagram page: ‘To all my loving Filipino fans, here is the proof I love (love) My Famous Ribs, I kept them with me all these years’.

OK, I will admit, I don’t get it. Why would someone do that? It makes me wonder whether the media are driving people to do things like this due to a demand for an unrealistic body image, or whether celebrities like this are actually leading the media? Either way it is messed up.

Different Tastes

We see everyday with the popularity of the Swansea escorts that real men have wildly different tastes. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ rule for who people find attractive.

Although it is always a woman’s decision what she wants to do with her own body, no-one should choose, or feel forced to have such dodgy, and potentially dangerous surgery.

Thin girls are as beautiful and large girls, but in that strive for perfection, no woman should put herself in danger.

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Lara Mills

Lara Mills is a writer who has four years of sex industry expertise behind her. Since she entered the adult industry, she has worked on the Escort Advertising forums, before moving into her current role three years ago.

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In her spare time, Lara keeps herself active by going running, and is something of a film buff. She also loves to go travelling.
Lara Mills
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