5 Tips To Give Multiple Orgasms

Sorry fellas, but you have absolutely no excuse not to be giving your partner multiple screaming orgasms. If you aren’t doing it, you’re just being lazy. Give her what she deserves!
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When you know how to do it, it is very very easy to make your partner scream as you give her orgasm after orgasm. If you don’t know how, look no further as we give you our fool proof guide to getting her to shout your name over and over again.

Get her relaxed

This is the step that most people tend to forget or ignore, and getting one orgasm out of her can be hard enough without it! You need to set a nice romantic atmosphere for her, and there are so many little things that you can do to get her relaxed.

Run her a hot bath. While she’s in the bath, play some relaxing music and give her a glass of whatever she fancies to drink. A bath goes a long way to help her relax, and the music and drink will help even more.

When she is out of the bath, get her to lie down on the bed. You can now give her a sensual massage as you rub body butter or body lotion into her skin. It will help to keep her skin silky soft, and the sensation of being massaged will work wonders on her tired and achy muscles.

If you want to, you could instead give her an erotic massage with the hopes of getting her so turned on she’ll beg you for sex. To do this, you just need to keep teasing and teasing by getting really close to her erogenous zones without actually touching them. When you think she can take no more, give them the attention she’s hoping for.

Don’t forget the foreplay!

We’re all guilty of it. When we want sex, we want sex. We don’t stop for very long at foreplay, instead opting to just fuck as hard and fast as we can. When it’s done we’re exhausted, but sometimes we women can be left feeling frustrated because we haven’t had the satisfying orgasm we were hoping for.

If you aren’t spending a long time on foreplay, you’re missing a trick. Most women can’t orgasm from penetrative sex alone, as much as we’d really love to, so you have to give us a helping hand (or tongue)!

Kiss your way slowly down her body, sucking and biting on her nipples before you move onwards. Trail your tongue lightly over her stomach and go around her pussy to drive her wild.

Now kiss your way up her body, paying attention to her inner thighs before you go for her clit. Rub it slowly with your fingers before replacing your fingers with your mouth and tongue. While your mouth is occupied, slowly push your fingers in and out of her pussy. After a few minutes, your partner should be well on their way to her first orgasm, if she hasn’t had one already!

Change positions

Different positions can really help to get her to orgasm. Some are better for the pleasure of men, while others are best to get a woman to come.

Ask her what her favourite positions are and switch between them. If she doesn’t have any or you want to experiment, doggy style can be good to go for. It lets her control the depth of the thrusts by backing against you, meaning you could be pounding her pussy hard only for her to slow you down.

Girl on top is also a good one to go for, as she is totally in control. Not only can she control the speed, but she can control the depth and the angle.

It also gives you the perfect opportunity to give her tits and clit some more attention. You can squeeze and tweak her nipples as she rides you, or rub her clit as she rubs up and down on your shaft.

Keep her on the edge

To get a really powerful series of multiple orgasms, the best thing to do is keep them denied from having that first one. It might not sound any fun for them, but by keeping them on the edge they will be so eager to orgasm that there body will respond to you pushing them over the edge with multiple orgasms.

When you think they are getting close, slow down or stop completely, changing what you are doing. They will start moaning and begging you to let them cum, but you won’t give in until you think they are completely ready for you.

Of course, this can leave your partner feeling very frustrated. Make sure that, even if you do stop doing the thing that was getting her to orgasm, you still give her some attention. Don’t just pull your cock out and start twiddling your thumbs.

Young couple naked Man and woman making loveInstead, move so that you can kiss her tits or grope her ass. The attention will keep her on the edge and begging for mercy.

Be patient!

Men tend to orgasm quicker than women. Some men might even be able to give just three pumps before they leave a sticky white mess all over, but women need more time than that.

If you are trying to get your partner to multiple orgasms, be patient! Trying to rush them through it won’t work out. For one, not giving them the slow build up they need might mean they just won’t get there. Two, if they know you are trying to give them multiple orgasms you are putting them under a lot of pressure to perform. No-one performs well under pressure, right?

Take a step back and listen to them. If they are moaning and groaning, keep doing what you are doing EXACTLY as you are doing it. Don’t speed up, slow down, or anything. Just keep going and soon she’ll be screaming your name for everyone around to hear.

Combine all of these tips and you are sure to give your partner multiple orgasms and earn yourself a well deserved blowjob!

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