Flintshire is a county in North Wales. It borders Wrexham, Denbighshire and the English counties of Merseyside and Cheshire. It takes its name from the historic Welsh county of the same name, although its location and size are notably different.

There are many areas of historical interest, and the county is dominated by Bronze and Iron Age sites. Today, it is the Flintshire escorts who cover the county – these girls certainly know how to make visitors feel welcome.

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For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Flintshire is renowned for its fishing. The Sarn Mill Fishery, which is located in the wonderful Wheeler Valley, is within easy travel distance of all the major towns in the county. There are four lakes at the fishery; two of the four lakes are stocked with rainbow trout, the other two with roach, carp, tench and rudd. This is a great place to visit – even if it’s just for the scenery. The Sarn Mill is surrounded by beautiful hills, wildlife and ponds. Invite a Flintshire escort along for company in this relaxing atmosphere.

There are over one hundred and thirty scheduled monuments in the county, spanning hundreds of years of history. Explore Holywell the home of St Winefrides Well, Flint’s medieval castle and the Grade I listed building, Gladstone's Library in Hawarden. It would be impossible not to find something that interests you!

North Wales has a strong sense of culture and tradition, which can also be seen Flintshire. Choirs perform regularly in churches, theatres and even on the streets during busy weekends. Pubs often have a night of Twmpath, a traditional Welsh dance that is performed in groups. A Flintshire escort would make a great dance partner and has the energy to keep going all night long.

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